Perfume, Perfume

I’ve come to realize that it takes a talent and or natural gift to be able to pick perfumes and scents that work for you. If you don’t have that gift it’s not entirely your fault.

The ads for perfume on TV or online are quick, but leave an impression. I guess that’s the idea. Usually they’ll convey an air of luxury and can you can walk away wondering if it will even fit your lifestyle. You go in a department store to the perfume section, your eyes don’t even get the chance to look around before multiple fragrances meeting your nose. it’s pretty overwhelming. Next, someone will greet you and ask you if you have anything in mind or what you like. You think to yourself “What do jasmine notes smell like, and how much of it do I want in my perfume? “. Suddenly you don’t have the words to describe the scent you have in mind. Unfortunately it’s not possible to just say “show me something that will smell good on me.”

There’s always the case of smelling something in the store and liking it, fast forward a few hours and you’re having second thoughts. Let’s not forget the ever popular “I don’t understand ! It smells so good on my friendΒ (co-worker, mother,neighbor, etc.) If you’ve never taken the time out to get a better understanding on what makes a perfume work with your body’s natural scent you’ll be in the predicament of just choosing what smells nice in the bottle.To make matters worse sometimes what you “like” may not always work for you. For example, I love sweet smelling things. Thinking back I have a history with only very sweet perfumes. Over time the sweetness gets old and I have the moment of thinking that it’s even sweeter than I remember, that it’s too much. I wouldn’t call it a weakness of mine (let’s not get too dramatic about perfume), but I do feel it’s something I need to improve. What I wear now , with the exception of one fragrance, is just a smell that sits on top, it doesn’t enhance, it doesn’t add, it’s just there. I think there’s a certain magic that can happen if someone gets their perfume right. They wear it, but it also melds with them, it’s now their smell, not just a perfume that follows them. There’s a difference. I’m waiting to find that sweet spot.

Maybe the key is to take that extra moment to question would this compliment me, to wear it out of the store, read some reviews even. It’s a process and as long as you’re willing to accept it you’ll stumble across what you’ve been looking for.

Do you have any strategies for picking out perfume?


6 thoughts on “Perfume, Perfume

  1. If I really think I’m going to like it and might want to buy it, I’ll ask a sales associate for a sample and take it home to wear for a few days before I decide. Sephora staff are usually nice about samples.


  2. Well written post, enjoyed it. πŸ™‚
    On note of samples, I’ll add that besides store’s complimentary samples, you can usually find a place to order 1-5ml samples online. Especially useful when you are considering to purchase an expensive fragrance.
    Samples I’ve bought online have revolutionized my perfume shopping and saved me from so many impulse purchases. Happy perfume hunting! πŸ˜›


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