Review: Benefit Erase Paste

A tiny pot. That’s what all the hype is all about? Yes.

I can’t think of a product that you need less of to work. There will never be any need to go back in to get more repeatedly. A dab, a dot on a concealer brush and get ready to be amazed. It truly is like an eraser. The pink/reddish color perfectly balances and hides dark purple and even black under the eyes. The bags that you’re so desperate to get rid of will not be able to pop through this stuff. The creamy and thick consistency makes it easy to work with even very thin, dry or aging skin.


It can even take care of redness. I wouldn’t think that a concealer that has red tones to it would cover more red, but I’ve seen it happen. I don’t really use this to cover blemishes. I just don’t like the thickness over something that’s already sticking out. I also wouldn’t use it on the lids as a primer (a little too heavy) Other than that, I say for any scar or discoloration this is ideal.

If you have dark, dark circles that can’t be covered by any concealer that you’ve tried in the past, you must try this. This was made for you.


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