No-Makeup Makeup

This look is easy, perfect for any day and overall it’s pretty fast to accomplish. The other thing with this look is everyone’s definition of what a no makeup look is different. There’s a couple ways of looking at it, some people will tell you that it’s minimal makeup that looks like there’s not a lot of makeup because there really isn’t that much makeup. Then there’s those that will say that it can be any amount of makeup (even quite a bit) to achieve the look of not having a lot of makeup. I tend to fall somewhere in the middle as far as that’s concerned.

Next is the element of color, meaning the lips/cheeks. It’s very inconsistent if you ask around you’ll hear something different from everyone. Should you keep it nude or neutral, maybe a little color, or a pop of color to balance the rest of the face out.

Here’s my take on the No-Makeup Makeup:

Face– As I said before, I really am a mix of feeling you shouldn’t use too much product, but enough to do the job. Don’t walk around with not enough just because the name “No-Makeup”. As always the name of the game is to look your best, this is just another way of doing it. I’d go with a medium coverage foundation that matches you well. This isn’t the time to make yourself lighter or darker. Match your true color and go with that. Blend it in thoroughly.

One thing I don’t think you should skip or go light on is concealing. If you need to get rid of your dark circles , brown spots or redness, don’t hold back. One of the things I like about this style of makeup is that you natural, like you don’t have those everyday, small imperfections.

Sometimes I look at myself and decide that I’ll use blush , other times I do without it. It’s up to you and how you’re feeling that day. If I do I’ll use a rosy blush.

Highlighting is perfect for this look, I never do anything too strong, I don’t do strobing, but I do a little just on my cheekbones.

Eyes- A little mascara to open your eyes will suit you well. If you want, use a matte shadow to cover up or even out any discoloration or hide veins that will work nicely.

Eyebrows- Fill them in, but give them a good couple brushes through. Leave a nice fade rather than something that makes a statement. Similar to your foundation, stay around your natural color and don’t feel like it’s necessary to fill them as meticulously as usual. If there some areas that you are leaving more sparse than usual, that’s fine. It’s about improving, not perfecting.

Lips- I am in favor of color. That being said, just a shade or two darker than your lips and the less shimmer the better. You want it to be subtle. Lightly line them to define them a little more.

In most cases makeup is about highlighting your best features. Here I feel that it’s all about mimicking what you already have. Take your natural colors, shapes and features and work with them. I think it can be eye-opening to see your face this way. Usually you think that you need to wear a lot of makeup, or even a certain style of makeup to look good, that’s because you go from zero to one hundred. It’s extreme and of course you’re going to prefer the one where you look more airbrushed.This time go for a 50 and meet yourself halfway. Wear makeup, but have it be you. You’ll discover how little makeup it can take to make yourself feel like you’re wearing much more.


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