Review: Tarte Tartelette In Bloom 2 Clay Palette

I have a new favorite palette. I didn’t think I’d find one that was as versatile, as perfect for everyday as Urban Decay’s Naked 2 . I used Naked 2 day in and day out, and loved it dearly. Since I got this palette I haven’t touched it, not to say that I will never use it again, but you get the idea.

This palette is the perfect mixture, just when it would get boring with all the matte colors they throw in “Firecracker”, “Rocker” and “Funny Girl”. 3 shimmery shades that make it interesting. All the colors compliment each other perfectly. There are endless combinations. I have completely turned my attention to all things Tarte since this palette. The palette fades from left to right from lightest to darkest, the four across give you a map for different possible looks, but of course there’s always room for picking and choosing as you please.

There’s an underlying reddish or pinkish undertone theme going through this palette. You’ll see it with the lightest of colors such as “Flower Child” or “Sweetheart” and even with darker colors such as “Rebel” or “Leader”. The warmth of these colors will enhance green, blue and brown eyes alike.

The size of this palette is a perfect small square, great for travel or throwing in a purse. I’ve recommended this to everyone I’ve come across, you included. This is great for all year-round and would make a great gift for someone new to makeup as well as a seasoned makeup junkie. 20151122_121232


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