How To Have The Best Year Possible

More than a week in to the new year, has the novelty worn off yet? The last two years I’ve done something different than years past. I planned to have a good year. It might sound hard to believe, but it’s changed something. It’s the number one tip I can think of for improving a new year. It’s safe to say you’ll never have 100 percent control of how your year goes, but these are tips to make it the best you can.

Planning to have a good year. As I mentioned above this is the most important. It will kill any fear of it not being what you want or expect. If you do whatever you can to make it a good year, then it’s settled. It takes away the “I hope it’ll be a good year.” Sure, we all have that hope, but by doing whatever it takes to make it the best you can everything becomes a lot simpler. Your year is already good and it will continue to be that way because you make it that way.

Accepting the past year or years.ย Whatever unfolded last year or in years past, here’s a new year to wipe the slate clean. Anything left up in the air realize that you may not get the answer, and be okay with that. Not everything shows itself. Sometimes you won’t know the reason why or how, but accept it and keep going for your own sake. Take it down to a smaller level and even things in your day that you didn’t like or understand take it in and accept it. Don’t let it drive you nuts for following weeks, just watch as it solves itself or takes a new form.

Learning new things.ย There’s no way to know what you like if you haven’t tried it all. If there’s something that has been hanging around your head for a while, just go out and do it. Do things that you think you’ll enjoy. Learn something you don’t think you’ll need. Oddly enough the stuff you don’t think you need initially will somehow come up in conversation and suddenly it’ll be a moment. You might surprise yourself with finding a new hobby or adding a new skill. Who knows where that will go. That’s the point of it. You don’t know, so try it!

Taking better care of yourself.To get the most out of your year you need to feel okay. Don’t be sluggish. Don’t go halfway. This year do what you need to in order to be more rested and healthier. Don’t go vegan just because your friend did. Don’t cut out gluten because you read it in a magazine. Everyone is different. Find what’s right for you and prepare to feel better.

If you don’t feel it’s right, don’t do it.ย Trust yourself and go with your instincts, you have them for a reason. If in the past you were a real people-pleaser maybe it’s time to stand firm with what you think. Not to say that you should be cold or never do favors, or have the mindset that everyone is out to get you, but if something makes you uncomfortable and you feel in your gut it’s not right for you don’t do it. End of story. Don’t second guess yourself. If a career move doesn’t sit well with you, or a relationship of any kind, don’t let it slide.


What do you do to have a good year? Do you plan it?







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