Review: Tarte Tease Palette

Travel-Friendly. That’s the component that stands out the most about this Tartelette.



  • It’s tiny, but still fits in 6 shades.
  • There’s a decent mirror and it’s easy to open.
  • Most of the colors are matte, however “Crush” and “First kiss” have a little something glittery to them.
  • The price is pretty good (6 shadows for $21.00)
  • The packaging is original and eye-catching.
  • Good introduction to Tarte. If you haven’t used Tarte eyeshadows and you want a taste, this will show you just how smooth and how easily they blend without spending a lot.


  • The looks you can create with this are limited. Pinks and browns. Maybe a little darker and a little lighter tones come through, but all in all that’s what this palette is “Whisper” and “Wink” are fairly similar and I find when I use this I’ll usually end up dipping into other palettes just for variation.


OVERALL: This palette can’t do it all. It won’t provide you with a look for every occasion, but it is convenient. If you are going away for the weekend and don’t want to be bogged down there isn’t a better choice. It’s Tarte quality, but less colors. It’s portability is a big part of what it is.


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