Eye Cream

This isn’t one of those items that you can kind of get by without using, like let’s say a lip scrub (some people will argue with me about that one) and you’ll be okay. It’s not an extra or one of those things just to have just “because.” This is essential.

If you haven’t ever used an eye cream and are expecting big things put it into perspective. What do you want to see change by using it. Less wrinkles? Less fine lines? This product like most is a product you build on. It won’t change you overnight. Most anti-aging products use best when used as a preventative measure. Maybe you won’t see “results”, but I think you’ll notice that your makeup goes on a lot smoother and perhaps the area is actually hydrated. If you don’t thank yourself now you’ll thank yourself later.

I can say that I can see the days when I use eye cream and the days I don’t. Lines from sleeping don’t stay as long, there’s a decrease of puffiness and more moisture overall.

If you’re new take my old favorite to get started : Clinique All About Eyes.


It’s free of any fragrances and gentle as can be. It gets absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

A few tips:

*Don’t use it on your eyelids. Just go just under the brow and underneath the eye, not too close to your eyeball.

*Don’t put too much on. If you’re figuring the more the better…that’s not how this stuff works. Also too much will clog the pores and contribute to milia (those small, hard white bumps that look like sesame seeds.)

*Use it morning and night. Personally, somedays I’ll skip it in the morning, but make sure that you always use it at night so that it can repair and restore the skin.

Look for an eye cream that covers the most important things to you, whether that’s something that will brighten that area up, firm it up or fill it in. There’s so many out there you’re sure to find one that suits you.




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