Going Dairy Free

Think you can’t live without it? See how you feel after cutting it out and you might change your mind. 

Now before I get started this is a pro-cutting dairy out of your diet post. This is my personal experience and if you love dairy and never plan on changing that more power to you. I only write this with the hope that someone has the experience I have had with this diet.

Now before I start once again, when I say “diet” don’t get pictures of starving yourself and counting calories in your head. This has nothing to do with that.

At the time that I cut dairy out I wasn’t eating much. I had one yogurt a day. Doesn’t seem like a lot to throw things off. I had heard the claims about dairy and the effects it can have on acne, but I wasn’t chugging milk or wolfing down cartons of ice cream. Yogurt is full of probiotics, so it couldn’t do any harm, right? It wasn’t hurting me…but it also wasn’t helping. I originally stopped eating dairy to decrease the amount of sinus infections I was getting. Those have since become much less severe and I no longer have sinus pressure during the time between the infections, but the reason I’m writing this on my beauty blog is because of the beauty benefits that came along with it.

  • No more breakouts. I didn’t have any serious acne left or even allergic flare-ups, but there was always something on my face, small usually, but it was there. It was never a clear complexion. Along the way , week by week I could see the improvements. This would be especially good for someone who suffers from acne. Cheese is one of the worst foods you can eat as far as acne is concerned.
  • Weight loss. I know I said this wasn’t really diet related, but it does make sense that if you cut something out you will lose weight (that is if you are replacing it with good stuff). I lost weight, maybe not fat, but water weight,or a mixture of both. It was puffiness. That was the best way to describe it, around my face (jawline especially) and my stomach. I felt lighter.

Sold? Here’s a few things to consider: 

*Everyone’s body reacts differently. I didn’t have an intolerance to lactose beforehand and I was barely eating the stuff and it made a huge difference. You might give it a shot and not feel any distinction from when you ate dairy.

*I still eat chocolate.

*It takes time. You draw conclusions one or two weeks in. Give it a few months. The longer I went the better I felt. Now it’s been over a year.

There are times that I miss dairy and so will you, it’s a commitment and if you are doing it for yourself and not to be trendy you can’t fail.



4 thoughts on “Going Dairy Free

  1. You sound very similar to me! It’s taken me a few years but I’ve dramatically cut down on the dairy I eat. I can’t live without chocolate so I treat myself. However it’s amazing the difference I’ve seen in my skin and weight since cutting down x


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