Bigger Eyes With Makeup

Have you ever wished you had bigger eyes? Generally when you when you want to accentuate a feature another route is to make it bigger to stand out. 


In just a few minutes you can get your eyes to really pop. Prep and prime your eyes as you normally would and let’s start.

  • Curl your lashes. This will already make a difference in opening your eyes up.
  • Line your waterline with white eyeliner. (Upper waterline is optional)
  • Apply a nude shimmery color onto lid, stopping at the crease.20160226_143836.jpg
  • Taking the same color (my go-to color for this is “YDK” from Urban Decay) and go under the eye and smudge it out, by doing this you are extending where your appears to end. The color replicates an actual shadow formed by your eye and lashes.
  • Take a matte black and go in just at the outer crease. Blend slightly in, but not up
  • Highlight your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes. (Brow bone can be highlighted with a matte color, but it looks best if the inner corners are iridescent. .
  • Mascara. Nothing adds to this look like mascara. Upper and lower lashes and lots of it, make sure to get all the small lashes on the inner and outer eye.

There you have it! Your eyes should look bigger and brighter than before.


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