Put Procrastination Behind You

This is one tip out of probably hundreds to deal with procrastination. This one, however gave me instant results. There wasn’t any making deals with yourself to get through one thing then rewarding yourself after it had been done. You don’t need to write a list or get a buddy to start with you. 

Now of course there is a catch. It’s not going to be easy after all.

Most of the time I think we have good intentions, we don’t mean to put things off. Everyone knows where that leads. What gets in between good intentions and getting things done? Distraction. What is the number one distraction? For myself and a lot of people it’s our phones. Even if I’m not getting a text or an alert of any kind I’m on it. I’m browsing, scrolling, wasting time. I think we’ve all woken up from a 20 minute long check on various social media or suddenly you’re watching a video of a bear playing soccer. All these moments add up. It gets frustrating, but just as you have that thought that it’s frustrating you’re already on Instagram.


A phone detox. Before you think you can’t do it let me tell you it doesn’t have to be for 3 days, a week or even an entire day. Give yourself a solid few hours (or at least most of the day) without your phone. For me the only way to accomplish this is to have it off. Not silent mode, not airplane mode, I need it to be the equivalent of a brick. If I see it on or charging it’s sort of like “That person that I’ve been waiting to email me probably just emailed me…better check it!” If having it on airplane mode is enough for you, go right ahead.

I didn’t go out on a quest to finish a bunch of built up tasks. I wanted a break from my phone for a day. I realized I was doing things during the day that I had put off for months. What was the missing link? The phone. When you don’t have the phone to jump to you’re forced to do everything that’s left. I found myself with a lot of extra time and with a spirit of doing things that needed to be done because otherwise I’d be bored and doing nothing. It’s an old sensation not to have anything to turn to, sure there’s TV and the computer, but the phone is a lot more immediate. You don’t have to walk to it or sit down to use it. It’s in your hand or on your person.

When was the last time you took a break from your phone entirely? I used to do it a lot more, but lately I’ve been busier and never think I can afford to not have it on or not be in contact. If you have those worries too, they are valid. However, that’s why I’ve chosen Sunday as my day to power down my phone. Very little goes on, on Sundays.

Tomorrow will be my 4th Sunday doing this and I’m really wondering how I did it without implementing this. It’s a day to relax, recharge and to truly have to yourself. You don’t have to look at what your friends are doing, you don’t have to worry about what you see on the news or if something you sent has been read. For a few hours let it be.


4 thoughts on “Put Procrastination Behind You

  1. Phones are SO distracting.

    And I agree with you completely. It’s so nice (and necessary) to have a day to just relax your mind and exit this insanely fast paced society.


  2. Your post seriously opened my eyes.. I mean i knew that phone is a distraction but i never took it seriously.. But now I would to let my mind & Body recharge hehe
    thanks a lot for the post 🙂


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