All About CoolSculpting

If you don’t know exactly how CoolSculpting works don’t feel bad. Like with most treatments there’s a lot of hearsay, especially so for ones that involve fat loss. If you’ve seen the videos online of the frozen stick of butter (the frozen fat) it can be a little tough to imagine getting it done.

Recently I went for a training for CoolSculpting and got to take an inside look at the process and I wanted to share for anyone curious about it.

Who is CS for? CoolSculpting is for people who have stubborn fat in trouble areas. The bulges.It’s not for someone who is severely overweight looking to see a difference on the scale. It’s more like if you’ve been working out, eating right and doing all the things you’re supposed to do and the lovehandles are still there. Or maybe after menopause you have a little belly that won’t budge. It is for women and men.

How does it work? You won’t walk out of the office looking different, but your body is working on it. Your fat cells are frozen to the point where they are terminally damaged, (skin and muscles are not affected during this process)from there your body will naturally clear out those dead cells. This clearing process will continue for the next 90 days, with a thinner fat layer there will be a thinner you.

How long do results last? 2-5 years, even if your weight goes up in that time.

Does it hurt? Sensations such as stinging, pulling (during the treatment), coldness and numbness have all been noted.It’s funny, but supposedly the coldest part of the treatment is when the gel pad (this is placed on before the freezing begins) is placed on the skin. Once the freezing cycle begins everything will go numb within 5-8 minutes. Immediately after the session the treated area will be massaged for 2 minutes. During this time this part of your body is adjusting to the temperature of the room again and it may sting or hurt. (This is compared to coming in after being outside on a very cold day, your face and or hands may sting when getting used to the temperature of the house.) It may sting, but it is worth it to rough it for the two minutes because the massage improves the effectiveness of the treatment 68%. The skin and nerves aren’t affected by CS, but it may take up to a month for sensation to return after being treated. There may be bruises or redness as it heals.

A few final things to mention:

You’ll want to trust the person giving you the treatment. If they say that they don’t think you are a good candidate for a specific spot, trust them. Sometimes it’s not the areas you think you need. They’ll be happy to guide you along the process. CoolSculpting is all about adding contour to your body, shaping and sculpting it. The biggest selling feature of CS is that it has “no downtime”. You’ll see that all over anything related to CS, and who can blame them for advertising that. 3.5 million people have received CS worldwide.

Prior to training I didn’t feel either way towards CoolSculpting. After I can say that I believe that while there is pain involved (like with most things beauty) it is safe.

*Fun fact: The first time extreme cold altering fat was brought to light was in the 70’s when kids who ate a lot of popsicles and fell asleep eating them began to notice their cheeks getting sunken. They had lost fat in their face!







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