Steps For A Good Client Experience

How important is it to have a client walk away happy? Most would agree that that’s as important as it gets. Fortunately there are some things that can make sure that you and your client get the most out of the service, whatever it might be.

The majority of time people just want to feel important. They want their time to be valued and they want to be taken care of for a bit. Sometimes the smallest things are what they appreciate most. These things are basic, but can be forgotten because they are pretty obvious. Beforehand there are a couple of things that I use every time that make all the difference.

Greet them confidently. It’s easy to be stressed when you’re working and look kind of troubled when you call someone’s name or introduce yourself, but make a point to take a deep breath and smile while you meet them.

Compliment them. Don’t make something up, find something that you really do like or notice about them and don’t be afraid to tell them. It sets a good tone and you might be the first one to give them a compliment in a while.

Treat them like you truly care about them, even if you’ve never met them before or they seem distant. What would you do for or someone you really care about that came to visit you at work? You’d offer them something to drink, allow them time to go to the restroom, show them around, constantly make sure they are comfortable. If you remember they like something special from a time before go out of your way to have it ready. This is the part that will make them feel they can really relax and that’s a major part to any beauty treatment or service.

Once I’m at the point where I’ll begin I’ll get interested without being nosy. Some people will just start talking and you don’t need to do much work, but for the quieter people I will always try to get them to do a little opening up. I’ll start by asking them things related to the service (maybe their home regime or favorite skincare brand etc.) naturally you’ll both start going off topic, before you know it you’ll find something in common and probably learn something unexpected.

Lastly I find out what they want. Allow them to be clear about their goals. For example, if they are getting a facial make them define what kind of outcome they want. Once you’re both on the same page you’ll be able to address their concerns a lot better than just assuming. One thing I’ve found out is it’s not always what you think. Someone could have breakouts that jump out at you as the thing to tackle, but they are preoccupied about their hyperpigmentation, so it’s all about what they tell you. If they feel that you’ve listened to them you’ll instantly win them over.

To put it all in one sentence: It’s their time, let the focus be on them.


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