Packing For A Day Out

One pocketbook. That’s all you’ve got to fit a day’s worth of stuff you need. I always go for something small that I can wear across my body. This can be done without the classic “travel bag”look. Carrying a big handbag around is no way to enjoy somewhere you’ll be doing a lot of walking and sightseeing.

This is what I brought to a day out in New York City, but really it can be applied for almost anywhere.

  1. Phone. (In most cases a phone will double as a camera/map)


  1. Sunglasses. If you can’t see that day will be remembered as a lot of squinting.
  2. Makeup. Limited makeup I should say. I’ll usually bring a lighter color lip color than what I wear out just because you won’t always have access to a mirror and if it’s a dark color you don’t want to be walking applying it hoping it’s on straight. You may not have time to spend to reapply the original color and then there’s outline of the color on the outer edges of your mouth after eating. I’ll pack a concealer and vaseline and that’ s about it for makeup.
  3. Oil Blotting Sheets. These are so great. All the pollution and heat can move your makeup around and bring it to the surface quicker than usual. I also find that by blotting throughout the day I’m less likely to breakout the next day.
  4. Perfume. It’s nice to have the option of reapplying your perfume during the day.
  5. Plastic Silverware. Don’t laugh, it’s good to have and it does come in handy.

13090747_10207383563601707_1069066163_o6.Bandaids. When you’re walking a lot blisters pop up fast and I’ve been in the situation where I’m looking for the nearest pharmacy to pick up bandages too many times, now I just pack them.

7.Wallet. Not good to be without any ID, business cards or money.

8.Cough Drops. For most people I think this would be switched out for gum, but I like cough drops.

9. Floss. If you’re doing something fun, chances are you’ll take a picture or two and chances are you’ll have something in your teeth. That’s where the floss comes into play.

As a side note I went to the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) and was so impressed. I hadn’t been there in 8 years! It was fascinating and I highly recommend going there even if you think you’re not into art.







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