Review: Neuma Shampoo

My hair looks the best is when I switch my shampoos up often. Recently I tried two shampoos from Neuma, neuSmooth and neuVolume.

Neuma promises “heals and protects hair, sustaining vibrant color. Phyto Colour Complex, a proprietary blend of plant extracts and and essential oils, maximizes colour hue, vibrancy and longevity. Phyto UV Shield, an exclusive blend of plant nutrients, protects colour from UVA & UVB oxidation. Neuma includes essential oils that soothe the senses and infuse hair with life, bounce and a healthy radiance. Simply the best for your hair …for you…and our environment.

In nature, nothing exists in isolation. There is only inclusion. There is connection. The same is true for beauty…everything is connected. Neuma brings beauty, health and well-being to hair…and our lives”

Based on that statement it sounds like it’s quality. I truly believe that Neuma puts effort in. I believe that they try to make all their promises a reality. I found their products to be good, but not great. Here’s why:

It’s a similar situation for both, upon lathering the shampoo in your hair you can feel it’s good stuff. Salon quality. I can say that they both do what they say they’ll do, meaning the volumizing shampoo made my hair more voluminous and the neuSmooth made my hair less flyaway after a shower.

The scent for both was not really something I liked smelling. It’s no secret that anything with herbs might have a more earthy or strong smell. I was ready for that, but this was herbs plus something really sweet. The neuSmooth reminded me of a kid’s toothpaste. It was like something that tried too hard to smell like bubblegum. The neuVolume brought me right back to having braces by smelling eerily close to Carmex. I know some people like the smell of Carmex, so maybe it’ll jog your memory of something better.

As my hair dried I noticed my hair was really greasy in the back of my head, basically like I never took a shower at all.Generally if I go two days without a shower then my hair will start to get oily, but certainly not after a shower. I didn’t sleep on it and I let it air-dry. This happened with both shampoos, so if your hair tends to get oily quickly I would not recommend this at all.

To sum it up, I think this is a good brand. I think they use high-quality ingredients. The smell I can get past. I don’t have to be crazy about the smell of something if it works well, but if I can’t wash my hair with it without knowing it won’t look clean, what is the point?



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