Review:NYX Cosmetics Eyebrow Shaper

Happy Memorial Day! I have a very quick review of a product I’ve been using over the course of a few months.


The NYX Eyebrow Shaper is a small, chunky stick of what’s essentially wax for your brows. I never really liked using clear mascara or even hairspray to tame eyebrows. Mascara is too wet and shiny and hairspray is too sticky and then when it dries it will flake off through the day.


What I liked:

It’s inexpensive.

It lasts for a long time. I’ve had mine for months and haven’t put too much of a dent in it.

It comes in pencil form so there’s no dipping or grabbing too much or two little, also that also removes the need for a brush, so it’s easy to throw in a purse or bag.

What I didn’t like: 

It works like glue. I’m convinced if you used a stick of glue on your eyebrows it’d look something like what this product does (minus the stickiness.)

If you have light brows this will make them look darker. After they’ve been filled in I’ll apply the eyebrow shaper. They’ll come out darker than if I had just filled them in. Is this necessarily a bad thing? Maybe not, certainly it’s not a bad thing for everyone, some people would like their brows darker and others have naturally dark brows, so it doesn’t affect them.

It moved. Throughout the day it would move around and faded.

It would sometimes make me breakout. I think it didn’t let my skin breathe enough.


Will I buy it again? No, probably not. The cons outweigh the pros for me. I’m determined to find the perfect product that will last the whole day, feels lightweight and has the right look.


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