Review: Tarte Swamp Queen Palette

Lately Tarte has really been batting a thousand.This palette is part of a wave of great Tarte products that are rightly well sought-after.  In case you missed my last post on more Tarte gold :Tarte Foundations: Amazonian Clay vs Rainforest of the Sea )

The outside doesn’t prepare you for what’s inside. My guess was that it would be something rustic. The packaging has a wood look, complete with the grooves that come with actual wood. There’s an alligator on the front and gold along the sides and in the lettering. My guess was a lot of muddy browns, swampy greens and earth tones. I was wrong, everything was light, glittery and smelled sweet.

This palette comes with nine eyeshadows, a highlighter, blush and bronzer, so it’s an eye and cheek palette.


Cheeks: The first cheek color is the bronzer named “Sweet Tea” which I thought was a pretty clever name. It’s a warm, sort of orangey bronzer. When I say it’s orangey it’s pretty orangey. Although it has chunks of glitter, once the first couple of applications it’s worn down to be a matte color.

“Does This Thing Really Work?” is the blush in the palette. It has some gold chunks of glitter, which I’m not overly excited about, but also not too bothered by. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite blush on its own, but it does compliment the bronzer well.

The highlighter (“Gator Wings”) is a glittery light champagne gold it’s pretty strong, so it’s perfect for all the highlighter lovers or people really into strobing. Using the highlighter, blush and bronzer all in one look is a lot. I can’t see myself using more than two at one time.

Eyes: Other than “Big Baby” which is a pretty bland color, but also a necessary one, all the colors are useful and distinct. The colors work very well together because they are all plums and warm oranges. “Mancat” and “Sippy Sippy”,the two darkest plum colors work flawlessly together. “Natural Peaches” is a nice matte peach color which offers a nice change to anyone looking for a subtle way to add something to the standard crease color. “Sassy Bun” reminds me of a slightly darker “Half Baked” from Urban Decay, which is a color I have never gotten tired of. “Haunting” is the color my eyes first gravitated to when I opened the palette, I’m not sure why, but I absolutely loved the combination of gray, plum and shimmer they packed into one color. However, the more I used it I found it to dull as I packed it down when getting color onto my brush. If I see it in the sun I can see some of what I saw when I first opened it and first used it, but it’s faded and that’s disappointing. “Uncommon” is a color I can agree on the name, it is uncommon color. It is in that same family of gray/plum that is rare and hard to get without going too much in one direction. The burnt sienna color of the palette is “Dogman” there are a few pieces of glitter, but they are pretty subdued. Lastly, there’s “#SFS” which is a light tan color made for understated eye looks.

This palette comes with a decent lid brush. Sometimes when they go all out on the makeup they just throw any old brush in just to say they did. For me, this really leaves an impression, I feel like I’m getting a much better product when the brush included matches the quality of the makeup itself. The top half of the palette is a mirror that reads “Believe in yourself. Love yourself. Embrace your Individuality.”

It’s a pretty palette, the only worry I have is wondering how certain colors will fare over time. If you’re currently waiting for the Swamp Queen palette, I can safely say that you won’t be disappointed.




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