Absolute New York Illuminating 3D Liquid Highlighters Review

These are two really beautiful highlighters, but sometimes looks can be deceiving.

The two liquid highlighters I’ll be reviewing are Spot Light and After Glow. I’ve gotten so behind powder highlighters lately and I really wanted to switch it up and use a liquid highlighter.

Swatches Indoor/Outdoor

Spot Light- Spot Light reminds me a lot of High Beam by Benefit, only maybe a little more pink. Needless to say I thought it was absolutely gorgeous when I first swatched it. It had just the right amount of sparkle without being glittery.

When I went to try it out on my face I didn’t do a normal face routine because I really wanted the highlighter to be the focus. I applied a light coat of foundation and applied the highlighter with my finger distributing it in little dots. Much to my dismay it completely melded with my foundation. I thought I just needed to apply more, but it didn’t seem there was any amount that I could apply that would create the look of a quality highlighter. I’ll say my face looked less flat that if I had just left it with plain foundation, but that’s about it. It came out a little bit better on the bridge of my nose than my cheekbones.

After Glow- I was slightly more excited with this highlighter because at least this one has a color, so there was some evidence of putting it on. Again my high hopes had been let down as I applied the product. It didn’t have much of a highlighting effect. I see myself having more use for this one because it works as a blush.

For both of these I have to say I was very disappointed. I checked on their site on how to apply them and it reads “Use alone as a liquid highlighter on the high-points of the face for a strobing effect, or mix in with your favorite bases for luminous complexion.” The only way I believe one might get the most out of them would be to use them on their own with pretty much a bare face.


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