How To Be More Organized

Not being organized has always been a part of me. I always thought of it as my own way of doing things. It’s like those people who have a room full of stuff everywhere, but if you name an item they’ll be able to locate it within 30 seconds. It’s a mess to you, but it makes sense to them. I came to realize that I only had half of that scenario right: my room was a mess, things were all over the place, but I didn’t know where anything was.

The problem was this spread to my pocketbook, my closet, folders, important documents, etc. I’d misplace things. I’d always be rummaging around, hoping to find what I was looking for. I saw that being organized is more than just having things neat and in order to look nice.It can change your life.

For anyone trying to get more organized here’s where you should start.

  1. Go through the things that you already have. This is different than cleaning. You’ll reduce the number of things that cause the clutter and confusion. Sometimes if you walk by an old book everyday you won’t see the book anymore. These things become a part of the wallpaper and you don’t realize how long they’ve been sitting there. I’m sure you’ve heard the rule “If you haven’t looked at it in months get rid of it.” It’s harder to be disorganized with less things.
  2. Invest in shelves, boxes, storage compartments. This is a way to make this process somewhat fun. Get things that you can store smaller, loose items in to have them all in one spot. You’ll be able to put things on display by placing them on shelves. You’ll actually be able to see your stuff instead of it sitting at the bottom of a closet! I recommend places like Michaels, Target and Walmart to get started.
My box for storing make up from Michaels

3.Write lists. There’s nothing like going to the store and not remembering what you went for. Writing everything down will ensure you remember and stay organized. I’ve gone to bed only to realize I didn’t do what I really needed to do that day simply because I forgot. Write down even small things like daily activities or things you want to accomplish to keep you on track.

4. Customize it. Personally I’m not a person who puts everything in their phone. I work best with a pen and paper. If you’ve been looking for tips on getting organized don’t forget to customize them. You’re unique and you need to do things in a way that will work for you. When I write lists I can’t go too crazy and write them in the order that I’ll do them. As long as they are all completed at the end of the day to me it doesn’t matter the order I did them.

Being more organized has saved me time, reduced the stress of not knowing where things are and generally made me happier. It’s something you’ll have to choose to keep on top of everyday, but it’s worth it. You’ll form habits of being more organized and it’ll only get easier as time goes by.


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