NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base Review

For a good two, to three years now this has been the eyeshadow primer I use. I have slightly hooded eyes, so the primer I use had better be good.

If you’re doomed for easy creasing like me you should consider this product for the following reasons.


It’s light and airy. I love the consistency of the Smudge Proof Eyeshadow base. It goes on extremely smooth so there’s no unnecessary tugging on the eyelids.

It dries fast without being drying. This point might tie into the previous one, but it’s enough to mention on its own. I’ve tried other eyeshadow bases which get downright crumbly as you try to apply them. Forget about following with eyeshadow if the base doesn’t even make the cut.

It lasts the whole day. For those of you wondering why even invest in a primer for your eyes when there’s foundation or concealer, it’s because those fade, smudge and as the hours tick by won’t be able to compare.

Did it make my eyeshadow pop more? Well I’ll say that it does what all bases should do. It creates a barrier between the skin and the makeup. It looks different than if I just applied it on a bare lid, but I wouldn’t say it does the job any better than its competitors. It does what they all do as far as that’s concerned.

I was originally going to do this post comparing this product to  Urban Decay Primer Potion, but I decided I really wanted to make this focusing on the Nars Eyeshadow Base. However, since we’re on the subject, I still have to go with Nars. UD Primer Potion has a couple good things going for it:

  • Offers more than one color
  • Need less of it

I know it’s a nice feature to have somewhat of a color corrector built in your primer, but I don’t mind taking an extra step, and if I’m going in with a shadow directly after it won’t sway me either way.

Urban Decay is definitely stronger, if that makes sense. You need very little of Primer Potion and it’ll take you a long way. I find myself needing about a little less than double of the Nars Base to accomplish what would be the same thing.

What really sold me about the Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base was the texture. Even if I have to use more I like the silkiness. Defining the product as a whole its simple, clean and professional.



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