5 Summer Beauty Rituals To Bring Into Fall

As much as we do or don’t want to admit it summer is almost wrapping up. August is here and fall is on the way. What can we take away? What can we move right through to fall with us?


  1. Keeping your body at its best. When it’s summer your entire body is on display, you can’t get though the summer without showing more off than you do in any other season. Instinctively, you get on top of exfoliating, shaving and taking care of your skin. I know one of the selling points of colder weather is you get to slack off on all that, but there’s a lot of ground to explore between cutting it out of your life until next summer and keeping on top of it. It’s a lot of work, but it is rewarding. As with anything the longer you wait the more work it is to incorporate again.
  2. Getting some sun. The keyword is some. It can be difficult when the sun goes away for days at a time, but when it does come out again make sure to catch 10-15 minutes even if it’s cool out. There’s a reason you’re in a better mood in the summer!
  3. Finding DIY’s. Summer supplies us with fruit and and fun beauty DIY’s that put it to use. Some of the best treatments I use are made in the kitchen. It’s cheap, effective and fun, so keep it in mind as the summer comes to a close.
  4. Cutting your hair when it needs it. In the summer your hair grows faster, chances are you cut it more often. Just because it won’t grow as quickly doesn’t mean you don’t need a little trim now and then again. It’ll give you a lift as well put life back in your hair.
  5. Keep a summer mindset. Even if you don’t have any more time off in the summer somehow you’re more relaxed and you have more fun. Figure out what makes this possible for you and hold onto it for the rest of the year. For me it’s getting outside more, spending time with my family and traveling.

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