Liebster Award

I’d like to say I’ve been away on vacation for a while, but it’s actually just that my computer has been out of commission. Nonetheless, I am back and ready to do this Liebster Award. This has to be my third, possibly fourth time doing one, so I don’t know if I’m breaking any rules at this point. Is there a limit on how many you can do? Anyway, a thank you to Lucy for nominating me and if you have a second see what she’s up to on her blog.


  • post 11 facts about yourself (optional)
  • answer 11 questions from your nominator
  • nominate 11 other bloggers
  • ask them 11 questions
  • let them know you have nominated them


Lucy’s Questions:

  1. What’s your blog name? Why did you name it that?
  2. What film/tv series can you never get bored of?
  3. What colour are your eyes?
  4. What age do you wish you could go back to?
  5. What is your star sign?
  6. Summer or Winter?
  7. Autumn or Spring?
  8. What was the last song you listened to?
  9. Have you got a favourite YouTuber?
  10. Do you have any siblings? If not, do you wish you did?
  11. What things have you improved on since blogging?

1. My blog name is MakeupByIngrid. I named it that after my makeup business, I wanted to keep it simple and it seemed like the obvious choice.

2. I really liked Prison Break I could probably watch the whole thing over again and have no problem. I also liked Dexter, but I have to say the last season and especially the finale was very disappointing. I also love Better Call Saul.

3. My eyes are blue, but not completely, there’s a little green in there too.

4. That’s a tough one because I know that if I go back in time I’d have to go through everything all over again, but not looking at it from that point and just looking at it from the point of what time did I like a lot, I’d say I’d like to be 10. It was a really carefree time and I had my entire family around me.

5. I’m a Scorpio, although I don’t follow all  that too much. You can tell me if I should start or if I’m missing out on something big!

6. Summer. I like winter, but it just drags on too long.

7. Spring has always been my favorite season.

8. I had the radio on driving home from work and it was “Champagne Supernova” by Oasis.

9. At the moment I’d say not really, I watch a couple, when I started getting into makeup I liked DulceCandy87, she was one of the first YouTubers I watched. I like dope2111, Iwanted2c1video and Sabsbeauty. In the nonbeauty category I like EdBassmaster, ChrisFleming.

10. Yes, I have two brothers. When I was younger I really wanted a sister, but now I love having two brothers and I wouldn’t mind having had another.

11. I think the way I look at products has improved. I think I look at things not just for me, but for other people. I look at it more as a product to the public rather than if I like it. I don’t really know what else has improved, but I’ll say that I really enjoy it and it’s allowed me to interact from people all over the world. I love seeing what other people have to say.


My Questions for the nominees:

  1. If you have spare time what do you fill it with?
  2. What’s something you’ve always been afraid to do?
  3. How long have you been blogging?
  4. Do you prefer texting or calling?
  5. Favorite app?
  6. Do you consider your self a creative person?
  7. Favorite color combination? (either with makeup or fashion)
  8. Favorite book you’ve read recently?
  9. Is there a place you wouldn’t want to travel to?
  10. Favorite dessert?
  11. What’s a skincare product you can’t do without?


  1. Oh So Femme
  2. Maya
  3. karthik_imemyself
  4. the style savage
  5. Wendy
  6. Emily
  7. SimplyStella
  8. cefcelfies
  9. Beauty By Reeva
  10. beautifybrooke
  11. Alexa Make-up & Beauty

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