Why Facials Are Such A Big Deal

You may know the basics of a facial. They wash your face. There’s steam, a lot of scrubbing and a better complexion walking out, but why do people rave about facials? Why are they essential to keeping your skin healthy?

Even if you have your skin routine down pat you should invest in a facial a minimum of twice a year. As an esthetician I should recommend a lot more often (more like every 4-6 weeks) but life is busy, time is precious and facials aren’t cheap. If someone really pressed me for the truth with how little you can get away with I’d say the major changing of seasons, so when it gets cold and when it gets hot. Keep in mind though, that is the bare minimum.

Here’s what you might find from getting facials:


Your products work better. There gets to be a point that no matter how much acne serum you use or how much moisturizer you apply it just doesn’t do what it once did. There’s most likely a dead layer of skin that’s eating your products. They don’t penetrate as they should. When was the last time your skin was cleansed well? Your blackhead wash won’t be as effective if you don’t extract correctly. Like with most things, you have to get to the root of the problem and start there.

You’ll save money. Not by just booking a facial, but by educating yourself and learning what kind of skin you have. You’ll learn not to fall for crazy claims on products that don’t mean anything. You won’t waste money on items that aren’t for your skin type.

You’ll pick up a trick or two. You may never have heard of multi-masking or spot treating before. You might find a short cut in prepping your skin or find a link to what is causing breakouts that you would’ve never considered. Ask questions, but by simply listening you’ll most likely walk away with something you didn’t know going in.

You can monitor your skin better. Two sets of eyes are better than one. Chances are, your esthetician will even have a chart set especially for you. You’ll be able to track how your skin reacts to certain products, as well as any changes your skin goes through. Wouldn’t it be interesting to compare your skin concerns from months and years past?

You’ll age better. Sun spots will be addressed early on and wrinkles will be avoided by stimulating collagen production. Even muscle tone will improve through the massage portion of the facial.

Your face is something you and everyone around you sees everyday. Take care of it and treat it kindly.



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