How To Slim Your Face Naturally



Sometimes the fullness of your face is not about weight loss. There are other factors that can contribute to a puffy face. When weight loss is the issue there are also things you can do if your face is not the first place you lose weight. Here are a few things I have tested and found to be helpful:

Massage: Massage is great for both toning the muscles in your face as well as flushing out excess fluid. There are parts of our face that store more than others. A lot of this has to do with lymph drainage. If your face is not as svelte as it used to be whether or not you have gained weight it might be a good idea to look into lymph drainage massage. You can do this at home or have a professional do it. Considering how much this type of massage can accomplish it is takes a surprisingly light touch, so go easy. Like most things it will take a few times to see the results, but you may see a difference right after the first time.

Ruling Out Allergies: This step includes all kinds of allergies, things you would normally look past such as allergies to metals, seasonal allergies, face/skin products. For a while all along my jawline was inflamed, it wasn’t red, but it was bloated somehow. I didn’t know what was going on, I went for a facial and the esthetician mentioned to me  that it was most likely due to an allergy to the metal in my earrings. As soon as I changed my earrings my jawline and lower part of my face returned to normal. I notice now also that seasonal allergies can cause swelling of your face, around your eyes, nose and mouth. Irritants in skin products, makeup and sunscreen can change the appearance of your face looks if you have a bad reaction with it. The thing that is tricky with all of this is that it may not always be accompanied with redness.

Icing Your Face: I started applying an ice cube all around my face once a day and it really makes a difference in bringing down any inflammation. It also helps with acne, redness, and has a firming effect. You can’t really go wrong with this. Just don’t apply for too long in one spot and of course be careful around your eyes.

Watching Salt Consumption: This is I feel pretty well known at this point, but it is repeated so heavily for a reason. If you are eating food containing a lot of sodium it will show up in unwanted ways. The good thing about this is that you can make adjustments quickly and within a few days it will go as quickly as it came.




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