De-Stress and Relax

It’s pretty hard to be stressed in a bathtub. You can’t down a cup of tea as you would a glass of water or soda. There’s no point in flipping through pages of a book the way you’d flip through channels on the TV. Certain things take time and demand you to slow down and take a break. These are the things I find the best if you’re looking to de-stress and relax.

Some of these things work best before bed, others can be done at any point during the day. Everyone is different, these are just a few things that I do.

  • Getting outside and going for a walk can be really refreshing, if you want to get more out of it and make it more therapeutic try to notice small details around you. Look at the grass, the way the sun hits the street, see if you can hear any rustling of leaves or birds. You’ll find that the other thoughts going on in your head will be drowned out by concentrating on your surroundings.
  • I don’t know what it is about baking but I feel like if I can’t put thoughts together or I can’t get something done to be able to put something physical together (like a cake, or a meal if you prefer cooking) allows me to think better. It can also be helpful to “get lost” in the act of baking or cooking.


  • Showers are good, but baths are better for relaxing. In the shower your head tends to race, or you’ll hear of people talking about “shower thoughts.” A bath allows you to truly take it easy. You don’t need fancy products, but using good soap and epsom salt can add to it.


  • You may of heard of people describing drinking tea as an experience rather than just drinking a beverage. It’s true, if you allow it to be. Take the time to really enjoy what you are drinking and notice the heat from the tea. Caffeine doesn’t really do anything for me so I drink a lot of different teas, but if you’re aiming to relax anything herbal or caffeine free is very helpful.
  • Reading is a nice break from being on your phone or the computer. There’s no denying reading a book can take you back to something that isn’t as present as it once was.
  • Applying makeup and playing around with new techniques or styles is relaxing for me. It’s something creative I can rely on to improve my mood. Find something creative that allows you to go outside the lines of everyday tasks.
  • Meditating will take an overtaxed mind and let it breathe. I love meditating and being able to think more clearly. Not only will this clear your mind, it will also put things in perspective which will both de-stress and relax you.




All About CoolSculpting

If you don’t know exactly how CoolSculpting works don’t feel bad. Like with most treatments there’s a lot of hearsay, especially so for ones that involve fat loss. If you’ve seen the videos online of the frozen stick of butter (the frozen fat) it can be a little tough to imagine getting it done.

Recently I went for a training for CoolSculpting and got to take an inside look at the process and I wanted to share for anyone curious about it.

Who is CS for? CoolSculpting is for people who have stubborn fat in trouble areas. The bulges.It’s not for someone who is severely overweight looking to see a difference on the scale. It’s more like if you’ve been working out, eating right and doing all the things you’re supposed to do and the lovehandles are still there. Or maybe after menopause you have a little belly that won’t budge. It is for women and men.

How does it work? You won’t walk out of the office looking different, but your body is working on it. Your fat cells are frozen to the point where they are terminally damaged, (skin and muscles are not affected during this process)from there your body will naturally clear out those dead cells. This clearing process will continue for the next 90 days, with a thinner fat layer there will be a thinner you.

How long do results last? 2-5 years, even if your weight goes up in that time.

Does it hurt? Sensations such as stinging, pulling (during the treatment), coldness and numbness have all been noted.It’s funny, but supposedly the coldest part of the treatment is when the gel pad (this is placed on before the freezing begins) is placed on the skin. Once the freezing cycle begins everything will go numb within 5-8 minutes. Immediately after the session the treated area will be massaged for 2 minutes. During this time this part of your body is adjusting to the temperature of the room again and it may sting or hurt. (This is compared to coming in after being outside on a very cold day, your face and or hands may sting when getting used to the temperature of the house.) It may sting, but it is worth it to rough it for the two minutes because the massage improves the effectiveness of the treatment 68%. The skin and nerves aren’t affected by CS, but it may take up to a month for sensation to return after being treated. There may be bruises or redness as it heals.

A few final things to mention:

You’ll want to trust the person giving you the treatment. If they say that they don’t think you are a good candidate for a specific spot, trust them. Sometimes it’s not the areas you think you need. They’ll be happy to guide you along the process. CoolSculpting is all about adding contour to your body, shaping and sculpting it. The biggest selling feature of CS is that it has “no downtime”. You’ll see that all over anything related to CS, and who can blame them for advertising that. 3.5 million people have received CS worldwide.

Prior to training I didn’t feel either way towards CoolSculpting. After I can say that I believe that while there is pain involved (like with most things beauty) it is safe.

*Fun fact: The first time extreme cold altering fat was brought to light was in the 70’s when kids who ate a lot of popsicles and fell asleep eating them began to notice their cheeks getting sunken. They had lost fat in their face!






Put Procrastination Behind You

This is one tip out of probably hundreds to deal with procrastination. This one, however gave me instant results. There wasn’t any making deals with yourself to get through one thing then rewarding yourself after it had been done. You don’t need to write a list or get a buddy to start with you. 

Now of course there is a catch. It’s not going to be easy after all.

Most of the time I think we have good intentions, we don’t mean to put things off. Everyone knows where that leads. What gets in between good intentions and getting things done? Distraction. What is the number one distraction? For myself and a lot of people it’s our phones. Even if I’m not getting a text or an alert of any kind I’m on it. I’m browsing, scrolling, wasting time. I think we’ve all woken up from a 20 minute long check on various social media or suddenly you’re watching a video of a bear playing soccer. All these moments add up. It gets frustrating, but just as you have that thought that it’s frustrating you’re already on Instagram.


A phone detox. Before you think you can’t do it let me tell you it doesn’t have to be for 3 days, a week or even an entire day. Give yourself a solid few hours (or at least most of the day) without your phone. For me the only way to accomplish this is to have it off. Not silent mode, not airplane mode, I need it to be the equivalent of a brick. If I see it on or charging it’s sort of like “That person that I’ve been waiting to email me probably just emailed me…better check it!” If having it on airplane mode is enough for you, go right ahead.

I didn’t go out on a quest to finish a bunch of built up tasks. I wanted a break from my phone for a day. I realized I was doing things during the day that I had put off for months. What was the missing link? The phone. When you don’t have the phone to jump to you’re forced to do everything that’s left. I found myself with a lot of extra time and with a spirit of doing things that needed to be done because otherwise I’d be bored and doing nothing. It’s an old sensation not to have anything to turn to, sure there’s TV and the computer, but the phone is a lot more immediate. You don’t have to walk to it or sit down to use it. It’s in your hand or on your person.

When was the last time you took a break from your phone entirely? I used to do it a lot more, but lately I’ve been busier and never think I can afford to not have it on or not be in contact. If you have those worries too, they are valid. However, that’s why I’ve chosen Sunday as my day to power down my phone. Very little goes on, on Sundays.

Tomorrow will be my 4th Sunday doing this and I’m really wondering how I did it without implementing this. It’s a day to relax, recharge and to truly have to yourself. You don’t have to look at what your friends are doing, you don’t have to worry about what you see on the news or if something you sent has been read. For a few hours let it be.

Going Dairy Free

Think you can’t live without it? See how you feel after cutting it out and you might change your mind. 

Now before I get started this is a pro-cutting dairy out of your diet post. This is my personal experience and if you love dairy and never plan on changing that more power to you. I only write this with the hope that someone has the experience I have had with this diet.

Now before I start once again, when I say “diet” don’t get pictures of starving yourself and counting calories in your head. This has nothing to do with that.

At the time that I cut dairy out I wasn’t eating much. I had one yogurt a day. Doesn’t seem like a lot to throw things off. I had heard the claims about dairy and the effects it can have on acne, but I wasn’t chugging milk or wolfing down cartons of ice cream. Yogurt is full of probiotics, so it couldn’t do any harm, right? It wasn’t hurting me…but it also wasn’t helping. I originally stopped eating dairy to decrease the amount of sinus infections I was getting. Those have since become much less severe and I no longer have sinus pressure during the time between the infections, but the reason I’m writing this on my beauty blog is because of the beauty benefits that came along with it.

  • No more breakouts. I didn’t have any serious acne left or even allergic flare-ups, but there was always something on my face, small usually, but it was there. It was never a clear complexion. Along the way , week by week I could see the improvements. This would be especially good for someone who suffers from acne. Cheese is one of the worst foods you can eat as far as acne is concerned.
  • Weight loss. I know I said this wasn’t really diet related, but it does make sense that if you cut something out you will lose weight (that is if you are replacing it with good stuff). I lost weight, maybe not fat, but water weight,or a mixture of both. It was puffiness. That was the best way to describe it, around my face (jawline especially) and my stomach. I felt lighter.

Sold? Here’s a few things to consider: 

*Everyone’s body reacts differently. I didn’t have an intolerance to lactose beforehand and I was barely eating the stuff and it made a huge difference. You might give it a shot and not feel any distinction from when you ate dairy.

*I still eat chocolate.

*It takes time. You draw conclusions one or two weeks in. Give it a few months. The longer I went the better I felt. Now it’s been over a year.

There are times that I miss dairy and so will you, it’s a commitment and if you are doing it for yourself and not to be trendy you can’t fail.


Heartburn Remedy

No, not the kind from a breakup. There’s nothing that will put an end to enjoyable evening or morning like heartburn. Maybe it was your own doing by eating something you know triggers it or maybe it was a mystery case . Either way no matter how bad the burn, this fast and cheap remedy wrestles down the beast.

What will you need: 

Apple Cider Vinegar (of your choice)




Heat up water like you’re going to make tea. You’ll be using that amount and that temperature. Take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix well. Next, take a tablespoon of honey and add to the vinegar and water. Drink up and feel better.

Something about this combination takes away heartburn every time. Apple cider vinegar has a lot of beauty benefits, why not include it when helping get rid of indigestion and heartburn?

A couple tips: 

*Make sure your water is hot enough. Lukewarm doesn’t have the same result.

*You can go a little lighter with the ACV if you want you can test 1 tsp and see from there. I usually just do a tablespoon because I don’t mind the taste (as long as there’s honey) and I want to get the job done.

*I recommend using a darker honey it works better than the lighter/syrupy ones.

There’s no longer the dread of heartburn anymore. If I feel it coming on I’ll whip this recipe up, down it and move on. I invite you to do the same.

Prevent Getting Reinfected

 Blisters, boils, zits, cuts, sores, how many times have you started out with one and within the next few days another two or  three appear? They shouldn’t be there and you want to cover them up. Whenever there is something open on your face there’s always a chance for it to spread or reinfect. Add makeup to the mix and we’ve got an even bigger chance for infection to come back.

Let’s start with the basics:

Nails– I’m sure you’ve heard that one of the dirtiest places is under the nail. When you scratch your face (if you must) try to lightly take the back of your hand to take the itch away. Keeping your nails shorter is better, but if you like long nails then I won’t tell you to change them… do not pick at anything, if you have a pimple don’t touch it.

Hands- Keep them off your face, don’t rest your face in your hands and of course wash them before washing your face or applying makeup.

Brushes-Even if you plan to wash them or disinfect them after touching whatever is open on your face it’s better to be safe and use your finger to conceal just incase the some of the bacteria doesn’t leave completely.

Treating the area:

Let’s say you just got out of the shower and something opened. You have work/school in 20 minutes. There are two options leave it or cover it.

Leaving it natural- Of course this is best option. Use some hydrogen peroxide and a little vaseline or ointment, dab off the excess and you’re good.

Covering it up-This is the more popular option because if you have the option to cover an imperfection vs showing it off we’ll always cover it. The same applies as when keeping it natural, so get the hydrogen peroxide and an antibiotic ointment. Dab the least amount of makeup you can get away with over the area concentrating on the skin around the area that was open. You can’t do too much about texture and if it’s a scab it will be visible, but you can change the darkness or redness.***VERY IMPORTANT! if you are going to do this always create a barrier between the scab/open wound . All you need is a thin layer to keep the makeup from sinking in so deeply. This will also make it easier to remove at the end of the day. The last thing you want is the makeup drying to what is open.

Unfortunately if you have a face there will always be a chance of something popping up, thankfully you have the power to lessen the amount of time that it stays there and help it heal quickly and correctly.

Redness Solution

My skin is just sensitive. It wasn’t always this way, but as I’ve exposed it to different things over the years it’s gotten sensitive. It wouldn’t be a bad thing, that is if it didn’t show that it was sensitive. Part of my routine of keeping my skin good is to really take it easy on foundations, so I wear the bare minimum (usually no foundation and just concealer in certain spots). Unfortunately that leaves all that redness exposed. So far I haven’t found anything to do anything noticeable where I said “Wow that made a real difference!”  Even though I’ve been lucky enough to clear my skin for the most part there’s still this redness to my skin. The winter, the doesn’t matter. It’s always there. My forehead is probably the worst, which is unusual because that’s the place that’s been clear the longest.

Finally I’ve come across something that produced results in one day. Is that possible?! Yes. 

I introduce Skin Ceuticals Redness Neutralizer.


It has improved my skin. It’s calmed it. Best of all it’s changed its appearance overnight. The areas that were red are beginning to match the rest of my face. You don’t need a lot. Actually the less the better. A light layer is all you need. I can’t think of a product (skin or not) that I’ve seen results like this. Skin Ceuticals is not a cheap brand. I’ve used other products and I can say they are terrific and worth the money.

The better the condition of your skin, the less makeup you’ll need. Who doesn’t want beautiful skin to work with? My goal is to find products that work.  When you collect those and are confident in how they work you won’t need a lot. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a 5 step routine morning and night to keep your skin in healthy.

Redness can be so frustrating. It doesn’t matter if you don’t touch your skin, it doesn’t matter if you have clear skin, you’ll be red. Washing or attempting to lessen it usually just makes it redder. The Redness Neutralizer is a true fix to redness.