Not Having a Valentine

I don’t claim to be a relationship expert, or even one to give advice on the subject, but I see this holiday cause a lot of suffering.

Valentine’s Day is like everyone celebrating a birthday you won’t get to have that year in front of you. The gifts, the fun, and there you are missing out on it all. Right? Or is there another way to take it in?

Certainly there is that way of looking at it, you can feel left out, depressed and roll your eyes at the whole thing. As the day approaches it’s unfortunately like picking sides. You’re either in the group of happy couples or the passive aggressive single people. However there’s a lot of room in between there that either the card companies or people don’t want you to see. I’ve always thought of Valentine’s Day as a day of love. Not just romantic, but in all forms. I make a point to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day, friend, family or otherwise. I go out of my way to hold the door open for someone, smile at someone or compliment them. A lot of people feel forgotten. The elderly, the widows and people who are away from loved ones.

Try to spend this day searching out those forgotten people. Over half the population in the US is single. If people know you don’t have a significant other they won’t always say something. I’ve had friends say that I’m the only one that wished them a Happy Valentine’s Day. Everyone deserves to be happy, loved and remembered. I like to give small gifts and or small cards. As far as myself I like to do something rather than buy something.

A couple additional things to remember:

You aren’t alone. It may not help you to remember that, but the fact remains.

It’s only another day. Typical, I know, but when the sun rises it all returns to normal.

Don’t watch depressing romantic movies. You don’t need that.

You never know what the next year brings.

Spread some love.




Uncommon Tips For Happiness

It’s said that the prettiest people are the happiest. How do you become happier? Here’s a couple tips that you may not have considered that can make you happy.


  1. Pay attention to the music you listen to. Listen to a sad song and suddenly your mind races to find something to be sad about. Listen to something angry and before you know it you’re imagining something you would have said to someone the last time you were mad. All these ups and downs leave you exhausted because sometimes that’s the last song you listen to before you get out of the car and you carry those negative emotions until something changes it. This does not mean you should listen to exclusively Christian Rock. I’m just suggesting making sure the majority of music you listen to is music that makes you happy. Listen to things that help you daydream or remember something pleasant.
  2. Make a private Instagram account just for you. There are those people that you kind of have to follow/ follow back and those pictures you kind of have to like. There’s a lot of weird obligations that come with Instagram. Then there’s the opposite where you are concerned what other people will think if you like certain pictures. So you’re forced to like things and not like things. You’re forced to create an image, write a bio and post the right pictures. Recently I made an Instagram account that is only for me. I don’t have to post anything, worry about hashtags and I only follow travel and food accounts. In a weird way it’s kind of like going on vacation from your regular account(s). It’s simple and you control what you look at.
  3. Look at what you want. If you’re dreaming of something take a look at it, even if it’s completely out of your price range. Something about taking a look. testing it out, trying it on, etc. makes it easier for your mind to grasp getting it. (Too bad this doesn’t work for vacations!) It gets you out of the mentality that you can’t do something or get something.