Same Product for Face and Body…Time Saver or Time Waster?

Lately more and more products are multitasking, covering a couple of different needs. There are body washes that double as shampoos and bars that allow you to use the suds as you please either for your body, your hair or even a shave. Is all this multitasking a good idea? Is it a stroke of genius resulting in an all in one product or just putting off the inevitable of having to purchase for every part?

In hotels I’ve been forced to use those shampoos/body washes/ hand soaps. Usually it’d go on a scale of being fine for my hands, a little drying on my body and being terrible for my hair. However in hotels it’s mostly about keeping things industrial and cost efficient, so can’t exactly point to that.

Men as a whole are really into anything that makes their already relatively fast “beauty” regime even faster. It’s not uncommon that I run into guys that use the same bar of soap for pretty much everything. Companies that market to them giving their seal of approval stating that you can double everything up and get it all done in one shot just reinforces that. Now, that being said I’d also like to speed up and price down my daily skincare routine.

Recently I ran out of my face cream and the next batch wouldn’t show up until a few days later. I couldn’t not use anything. I had a body lotion that I noticed was technically okay to use on the body and or the face. Usually in these cases it results in a very thin, liquidy moisturizer for your face but your body feels okay or your body is coated in an obviously too thick face moisturizer while your face couldn’t feel better. I hadn’t tried anything out that was truly interchangeable. To my surprise the lotion didn’t break me out, it was a little more watery than I like for my face, but it did a good job of keeping it moisturized. I was in shock. I’ve been using it now for the past few days.

What has continued to cross my mind is that the skin on your body and the skin on your face is different. Different areas need different care. Even on your face there are areas that respond differently (take for instance the delicate skin around your eyes as compared to your forehead.) What I have ultimately decided on is that although there weren’t any negative side effects of using this body/face lotion I want to provide my skin with as close to the best as possible. Somehow I think that if the formulation is “decent” or able to be used anywhere it has to be lacking in one department or another. In a pinch I think it’s a great option, or even on vacation when you need to pack light, but for the time being I believe the best way is to go specific, even if it ends up taking a little longer.


Don’t Lose Your Spark

The idea for this came yesterday watching the fireworks. They come, they crack, sparkle and they go out with the smoke. Maybe it’s a stretch, but it reminded me of how some trends/fads, even things we were once so into go out before you know it. The trick is to catch when it does and to start again.

Don’t wait until everything you look at you’re sick of. Your hairstyle from early 2010, the lipstick that you’ve been wearing for as long as you can remember. Things add up quickly and you might find that you’re just tired of the look you’ve been carrying because it was once in style and now you don’t know where to go. Don’t be afraid to clear out your closet, take a closer look at the things you own (makeup included) and ask why you have it or what it’s doing for you. It’s not hard to start thinking that it’s you, that you’re just not what you were or not up to par anymore. Look at what is making you, you. When you take off all the jewelry, fake lashes and extensions …who are you?

This doesn’t have to be an expensive process. By just becoming aware of why you gravitate towards certain things or looks it can uncover a lot. (etc. The reason you only wear dark makeup is because you feel you didn’t look good enough to wear anything else that didn’t mask your features …an idea that you formulated 2 years ago.) 

This is a perfect time to start new and dig into what is current, what appeals to you, what doesn’t. Through taking the extra step and asking why and exploring you’ll find a more recent, happier you with things and an image that truly fits you.

Piling It On

Dry, cracked, heavy, brittle. Why would you want that when wearing something that is supposed to make your lashes more lush, thick, and dramatic?  How much is too much?

Coat, after coat, after coat the mascara builds and layers into something that leaves a look that is awful. Your eyelashes are a natural feature, meaning when all the makeup comes off, they’ll still be there. That being said there’s nothing wrong with wearing mascara and there’s nothing wrong with wearing a lot of mascara. You just need to know how to take care of your eyelashes, appreciate them and use mascara in a way that won’t damage them. I understand the want for bold eyelashes. I know a lot of people feel unless a certain amount is on they can’t see their eyelashes, they feel naked. In the process of seeking for those lashes you see on ads and in magazines you’re making the ones you have weaker. Wearing heavy mascara that is layers deep is not necessary. Try just for an experiment using a few less strokes than you would normally. You can get away with it. Experiment with fake lashes. You’re lashes will look as full , as long as you need while keeping your real lashes left alone.

Most of my clients will at some point during the makeup application complain or make a negative comment about their eyelashes. Realistically very few people are content with the thickness and length of their eyelashes. Even if you have short, stubby, thin eyelashes that grow in the wrong direction, the worst of the worst , you have eyelashes. There are things you can do with eyelash curlers , fake lashes, and most importantly mascara exists. 

When applying your mascara take notice of how much product is going on. The job may have already been done , your eyelashes may have been thickened up enough 8 coats ago, but you’re on automatic and just keep going. Checking after each coat will also help you to save product. Another thing that I like to do is after I finish applying mascara I’ll run my finger along my lashes to remove any extra while it’s still wet. Run your finger under some warm water and it washes right off. This will remove any unwanted clumps. 

Mascara may be the easiest way to quickly “make yourself up” . Running out the door? It’s right there for you. It’ll work, you’ll look better, more awake, and it only takes a few seconds. I know I’m in good company saying it might be my favorite makeup product. Use it to your advantage.

No More Chapped Lips

I don’t know how long I’ve been using chapstick. Probably since I was old enough to realize the sensation of my lips being chapped. If you’re like me you go through a cycle. Notice your lips are dry, apply chapstick, apply more chapstick less than an hour later. No matter how much you use, you’ll need more.

Isn’t the idea to help dry lips not put off the feeling of dry lips until later on?

An alternative is something you probably already own. Vaseline. I haven’t needed to purchase lip balm in months. At the start of last year I decided I would not buy anymore chapstick. It wasn’t working anyway. I replaced it with Vaseline. It is amazing the difference. It actually works. It doesn’t just coat your lips and give you the feeling of your lips being moisturized. It actually heals the skin. It smooths over any cracks, it lasts and it works great using a little before applying lipstick to give a better finish.

A tub of Vaseline will last you quite a while. I only use it in the morning (before applying lipstick) and at night, but really it’s more of something of a routine. I probably don’t even have to use it that often. My lips rarely feel dry or that they need something. No comparison to using chapstick.

The idea for this post came to me a few days ago when I was having a conversation with a girl and within the time I talked with her she applied chapsick 3 times. That was me at a point. At the end of every class I’d put on chapstick, after meals, before going outside. There were times in school where I would forget my chapstick and think “This is going to be a long day” and it always was. I was like Napoleon Dynamite “My lips hurt real bad!” I no longer experience that burning with the absence of traditional lip balm.

Vaseline will solve your lip woes.

Color’s Not A Bad Thing

You can wear color and not look like a clown.Wearing colors won’t send you back to the 80s or scream “I’M WEARING MAKEUP!” The concern is always “I would, but I don’t want to look too made-up.” Very understandable, however you can look extremely made up by wearing too much foundation or too much bronzer and there’s not a lot of color going on with those two.

Recently neutrals are really popular. Ever since I got the Naked Palettes from Urban Decay I have been pretty into neutrals as well. Neutrals are easy. They go with everything. After some time though, I realized I missed wearing colors. The makeup you do everyday doesn’t have to be “everyday makeup”. You aren’t limited to the looks on videos you’ve watched about simple everyday makeup. Switch your makeup every once in a while or as often as you want. It’s your face. If you aren’t really bold, or aren’t sure how to incorporate color try something small, mix it in with makeup you already wear. If you usually wear a neutral brown eyeshadow add a metallic emerald along the lashline or in the crease, on top of that add a darker brown. It’s muted, but there IS color there! It’s a step.

There’s more than just red and neons. I really love red. I wear it all the time. It’s one of my favorite colors, but there are other options for you if you’re looking for a colored lip. I’ve seen a lot of articles in magazines around the holidays or just in general to wear a red lipstick for what they call a splash of color. What about magenta, what about plum, what about tangerine, a dark rose color? These are all great colors. The other thing that I see for advice about adding color is using neons. Fun idea, but honestly I don’t know who looks good with a highlighter yellow color on their eyes. It’s eye catching sure, but not really flattering for the average person. When using colors whether it be blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner or lipstick it doesn’t have to be so extreme. I think it’s the extremity that scares people off.

You don’t need a plain outfit to wear colors. You don’t have to wait until you’re wearing a plain white shirt to use your purple eyeshadow trio. Wear it with a patterned dress or blouse. That being said, nice orange sweater, but don’t put that exact color on your lips and eyes all on the same day. Use a coral lipstick / lipgloss and gold eyeshadow instead.

Find colors that work well together. Bring colors out together. You’ll look great.