Not Having a Valentine

I don’t claim to be a relationship expert, or even one to give advice on the subject, but I see this holiday cause a lot of suffering.

Valentine’s Day is like everyone celebrating a birthday you won’t get to have that year in front of you. The gifts, the fun, and there you are missing out on it all. Right? Or is there another way to take it in?

Certainly there is that way of looking at it, you can feel left out, depressed and roll your eyes at the whole thing. As the day approaches it’s unfortunately like picking sides. You’re either in the group of happy couples or the passive aggressive single people. However there’s a lot of room in between there that either the card companies or people don’t want you to see. I’ve always thought of Valentine’s Day as a day of love. Not just romantic, but in all forms. I make a point to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day, friend, family or otherwise. I go out of my way to hold the door open for someone, smile at someone or compliment them. A lot of people feel forgotten. The elderly, the widows and people who are away from loved ones.

Try to spend this day searching out those forgotten people. Over half the population in the US is single. If people know you don’t have a significant other they won’t always say something. I’ve had friends say that I’m the only one that wished them a Happy Valentine’s Day. Everyone deserves to be happy, loved and remembered. I like to give small gifts and or small cards. As far as myself I like to do something rather than buy something.

A couple additional things to remember:

You aren’t alone. It may not help you to remember that, but the fact remains.

It’s only another day. Typical, I know, but when the sun rises it all returns to normal.

Don’t watch depressing romantic movies. You don’t need that.

You never know what the next year brings.

Spread some love.



De-Stress and Relax

It’s pretty hard to be stressed in a bathtub. You can’t down a cup of tea as you would a glass of water or soda. There’s no point in flipping through pages of a book the way you’d flip through channels on the TV. Certain things take time and demand you to slow down and take a break. These are the things I find the best if you’re looking to de-stress and relax.

Some of these things work best before bed, others can be done at any point during the day. Everyone is different, these are just a few things that I do.

  • Getting outside and going for a walk can be really refreshing, if you want to get more out of it and make it more therapeutic try to notice small details around you. Look at the grass, the way the sun hits the street, see if you can hear any rustling of leaves or birds. You’ll find that the other thoughts going on in your head will be drowned out by concentrating on your surroundings.
  • I don’t know what it is about baking but I feel like if I can’t put thoughts together or I can’t get something done to be able to put something physical together (like a cake, or a meal if you prefer cooking) allows me to think better. It can also be helpful to “get lost” in the act of baking or cooking.


  • Showers are good, but baths are better for relaxing. In the shower your head tends to race, or you’ll hear of people talking about “shower thoughts.” A bath allows you to truly take it easy. You don’t need fancy products, but using good soap and epsom salt can add to it.


  • You may of heard of people describing drinking tea as an experience rather than just drinking a beverage. It’s true, if you allow it to be. Take the time to really enjoy what you are drinking and notice the heat from the tea. Caffeine doesn’t really do anything for me so I drink a lot of different teas, but if you’re aiming to relax anything herbal or caffeine free is very helpful.
  • Reading is a nice break from being on your phone or the computer. There’s no denying reading a book can take you back to something that isn’t as present as it once was.
  • Applying makeup and playing around with new techniques or styles is relaxing for me. It’s something creative I can rely on to improve my mood. Find something creative that allows you to go outside the lines of everyday tasks.
  • Meditating will take an overtaxed mind and let it breathe. I love meditating and being able to think more clearly. Not only will this clear your mind, it will also put things in perspective which will both de-stress and relax you.



Review: Skyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash

You know that feeling when you washed your face with bar soap? (Hopefully you don’t) That tight, almost tacky feeling that leaves your skin not feeling like skin. That is what this product left my face feeling like.

It lathers well, it smells nice, but it really stripped my skin. After I wash my face with this it just has that feeling that there’s no oil or any sign of moisture. I’m reaching for the toner before I even finish washing. I do find that the stripping does cause breakouts for me because it just is too strong. Supposedly there is a cooling sensation this face wash is supposed to give off which I haven’t felt yet, but for me that’s not a huge drawback.

I found this kind of unusual considering the brand is for people that have really overtaxed skin that needs help. I also own the Pure Cloud Cream from Skyn which I can say is terrific.


When you lather this face wash into the lovely lather I mentioned earlier it feels very smooth, a little thick, there’s a sheen to the product resembles a heavy duty hand soap.


I’m already halfway through the tube so I’ll use the product up for the heck of it, but I don’t see my opinion of it changing.



Packing Mistakes You Should Stop Doing

Looking back on the ways I used to pack I shudder. I packed too much, I’d forget things and leave the destination feeling like I only used a fraction of what I brought.

Here are a couple things I wouldn’t go back to and I recommend you do the same.

  1. Not “rolling” clothes. Packing traditionally you’d fold the clothes neatly and push them down hoping to make enough space. What you get is an easy way to make a pile of clothes that all have wrinkles where you so neatly folded them. It’s not fair, but that seemingly “right” way to pack isn’t so efficient. Thankfully you have the option to roll your clothes. It saves so much room and leaves your clothes without any wrinkles! Try it next time you pack and see for yourself.


  1. Packing full-sized products. Not sure where I was going with this one, but I’d always bring the big bottle or the big jar along with me.There’s no way you’ll need a couple months worth of whatever for the length of you trip. I started to think of myself at home and how much I actually go through as compared to imagining myself on vacation wishing I had all of everything. It’s not realistic and it’s just too much.


  1. Speaking of too much…OVERPACKING. Think of it this way, you have to lift that heavy suitcase full of stuff you can’t live without. You’re making it harder for yourself. Look at each item and really think “Do I need this?,” “Will I actually get this on?” Sometimes we get a little out of hand thinking that since you don’t wear something at home it’ll work on vacation. Just to let you in, you won’t wear it on vacation either.
  2. Not taking care of jewelry properly. When packing, or in a rush, or packing in a rush there’s the thought that the necklace will be okay, or the bracelet will be fine with the other jewelry. However, when you unpack you discover a ball of jewelry that you won’t be able to untangle. It’s frustrating and with a little more consideration you can have jewelry that is ready to be worn.
  3. Packing too last minute or packing too early ahead of time.There’s definitely a packing sweet spot. If you pack to early you might start wearing stuff out of the suitcase out of necessity, if you pack to late you’ll forget things. The perfect time to pack depends on where you’re going and for how long. Most trips I’ve found 2 days before is just about right.

Well I’m off to keep packing! I’ll be back in 3 weeks.Let me know if you have any packing tips or ideas!


Happy Holidays!

Why Facials Are Such A Big Deal

You may know the basics of a facial. They wash your face. There’s steam, a lot of scrubbing and a better complexion walking out, but why do people rave about facials? Why are they essential to keeping your skin healthy?

Even if you have your skin routine down pat you should invest in a facial a minimum of twice a year. As an esthetician I should recommend a lot more often (more like every 4-6 weeks) but life is busy, time is precious and facials aren’t cheap. If someone really pressed me for the truth with how little you can get away with I’d say the major changing of seasons, so when it gets cold and when it gets hot. Keep in mind though, that is the bare minimum.

Here’s what you might find from getting facials:


Your products work better. There gets to be a point that no matter how much acne serum you use or how much moisturizer you apply it just doesn’t do what it once did. There’s most likely a dead layer of skin that’s eating your products. They don’t penetrate as they should. When was the last time your skin was cleansed well? Your blackhead wash won’t be as effective if you don’t extract correctly. Like with most things, you have to get to the root of the problem and start there.

You’ll save money. Not by just booking a facial, but by educating yourself and learning what kind of skin you have. You’ll learn not to fall for crazy claims on products that don’t mean anything. You won’t waste money on items that aren’t for your skin type.

You’ll pick up a trick or two. You may never have heard of multi-masking or spot treating before. You might find a short cut in prepping your skin or find a link to what is causing breakouts that you would’ve never considered. Ask questions, but by simply listening you’ll most likely walk away with something you didn’t know going in.

You can monitor your skin better. Two sets of eyes are better than one. Chances are, your esthetician will even have a chart set especially for you. You’ll be able to track how your skin reacts to certain products, as well as any changes your skin goes through. Wouldn’t it be interesting to compare your skin concerns from months and years past?

You’ll age better. Sun spots will be addressed early on and wrinkles will be avoided by stimulating collagen production. Even muscle tone will improve through the massage portion of the facial.

Your face is something you and everyone around you sees everyday. Take care of it and treat it kindly.


Review: clariSEA Deep Pore Lavender Detox Charcoal Cleanser

I first found this brand when using their Deep Pore Detox Exfoliating Charcoal Mask. It’s a powdery exfoliant that you pour out, you have the option to add it to a cleanser or use it on its own and mixing it with water. I liked that I could control the amount of exfoliation I got by being able to mix it myself, but I also just really liked the product. It did a great job of exfoliating my face and had only a few ingredients.

I was looking online and I happened to stumble across a great deal for the Deep Pore Lavender Detox Charcoal Cleanser. It was from the same brand (clariSEA) and had again, very few ingredients, some of theme being the same as the exfoliating mask. It was an easy decision.

When it arrived I opened the package and was ready to use it. The consistency is pretty gooey, kind of sticky. It has a definite lavender smell. When I actually went to wash my face with it it seemed a little difficult to completely remove, it felt like remnants of the wash was still on my face. I didn’t feel like it exfoliated my skin that well or cleansed it that great for that matter.


Over the next few times I used it I tried to find how to use it to get good results, convinced I was doing something wrong. I left it on for 10 minutes, then washed it off, the time after that I cleansed and washed it off right after, I used it a few days in a row, then reduced it to only twice a week. It didn’t matter what I did, it didn’t cleanse my skin well. It didn’t exfoliate it, it just left my skin dry. I can’t say that it made my skin break out further, but it didn’t do it any favors either. I considered the fact that it does contain salicylic acid, but it is a low strength and I usually respond very well to that. I’m not quite sure what went wrong with this product, but I have to say I’m a bit disappointed and don’t see a point in using it anymore if it’s not working. I would definitely try this brand again because I believe they have good products, but I most likely wouldn’t get a cleanser again.

How To Celebrate A Birthday

I spent some time thinking how to properly phrase what I’m trying to say. This post is not exactly how to celebrate a birthday, I trust you know how to do that at this point. It’s more of how to celebrate your birthday and enjoy it. Recently it was my birthday and I was thinking that there are actually expectations of what your birthday should look like. I think we all have similar things come to mind when we think of a birthday. We’re all different people, different ages and live different places, we are unique, so why do we follow these guidelines of what to do on your birthday. After all it’s your day.

If I’ve gone too far already I’m not saying get rid of the birthday cake. I’m trying to get across to customize your birthday. You don’t need to do the typical birthday activities to get something out of it.

Every year I do something new, but certain things I keep on the “schedule.”

I do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. We all have something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Maybe you’ve been craving to go on a road trip, or you’ve really been in the mood for a movie. Today’s the day to do that. In my case, I’ve been working almost everyday and it’s been a beautiful fall. All I wanted to do was spend time outside that day. I did and it was one of the most satisfying things I’ve wanted to do in a long time. I sat outside and went for a walk. By doing what you’ve been feeling like doing for a long time and allowing yourself to experience that is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

I spend time alone and with people I love. You don’t need to be someone who likes alone time to appreciate a few moments with yourself after another year is completed. It can give you time to think back to everything you’ve accomplished as well as things you want to accomplish by the time you are there again next year. Spending time around people you love is really nice on a regular day, but your birthday is an opportunity to reconnect. I like to make it a time other people can enjoy, it’s an excuse to get out, get together and have fun.

I only do things that make me feel good that day. Whatever your bad habits are that day try your best to keep away from them that day. If you bite your nails or spend too much time online, take a break that day to make yourself feel especially good.

Make your birthday memorable for one reason or another. You don’t need a big party or your name on a banner to feel special.