Level Naturals Coffee + Sugar Body Polish Review

Some coffee scrubs can be really abrasive, even some sugar scrubs can be a bit much. This body polish is a good mix both of exfoliating and moisturizing.

Since this is an item that you will be using while trapped in the shower, the scent had better be pretty pleasant. The smell of this body polish is satisfying. Well, I say this as a coffee lover, but I think even people that don’t like how coffee tastes can agree it smells really good. There is also a sweetness that isn’t too powerful, but definitely present, like a hint of vanilla.

Aside from the smell the second thing I noticed was the firmness and density of the product. You will most likely need a spoon or paddle to scoop it out. Even after being kept in the shower in the heat it didn’t soften it any. The plus to this is that a little bit goes a long way and you won’t have the case of grabbing too much and wasting. It takes you actively scrubbing it in to get it to melt down. I would definitely rather have this than the similar products that have a scoop of sugar swimming in oil.


As summer is approaching, I am fairly tired of coming out of the shower and immediately having to moisturize, let’s face it, we’ve been doing that all winter. Often enough I will end up skipping that step in the warmer months, but I can’t get away with that forever. I still need something on my skin or it will get a little dry, even with nicer weather on my side. Probably the friendliest aspect of this body polish is that it stays with you after the shower. You can really feel the shea butter, coconut oil and other oils doing their job. It’s like a built in moisturizer. You’ll notice after you get out of the shower there is a luminosity to your skin. It’s the look right after you use a body lotion.

This polish covers all the bases as it is gluten free, cruelty free and vegan. To close this review out I will end with what I started with, there is harmony in this product. You get moisture, exfoliation and a pleasant smell.


Same Product for Face and Body…Time Saver or Time Waster?

Lately more and more products are multitasking, covering a couple of different needs. There are body washes that double as shampoos and bars that allow you to use the suds as you please either for your body, your hair or even a shave. Is all this multitasking a good idea? Is it a stroke of genius resulting in an all in one product or just putting off the inevitable of having to purchase for every part?

In hotels I’ve been forced to use those shampoos/body washes/ hand soaps. Usually it’d go on a scale of being fine for my hands, a little drying on my body and being terrible for my hair. However in hotels it’s mostly about keeping things industrial and cost efficient, so can’t exactly point to that.

Men as a whole are really into anything that makes their already relatively fast “beauty” regime even faster. It’s not uncommon that I run into guys that use the same bar of soap for pretty much everything. Companies that market to them giving their seal of approval stating that you can double everything up and get it all done in one shot just reinforces that. Now, that being said I’d also like to speed up and price down my daily skincare routine.

Recently I ran out of my face cream and the next batch wouldn’t show up until a few days later. I couldn’t not use anything. I had a body lotion that I noticed was technically okay to use on the body and or the face. Usually in these cases it results in a very thin, liquidy moisturizer for your face but your body feels okay or your body is coated in an obviously too thick face moisturizer while your face couldn’t feel better. I hadn’t tried anything out that was truly interchangeable. To my surprise the lotion didn’t break me out, it was a little more watery than I like for my face, but it did a good job of keeping it moisturized. I was in shock. I’ve been using it now for the past few days.

What has continued to cross my mind is that the skin on your body and the skin on your face is different. Different areas need different care. Even on your face there are areas that respond differently (take for instance the delicate skin around your eyes as compared to your forehead.) What I have ultimately decided on is that although there weren’t any negative side effects of using this body/face lotion I want to provide my skin with as close to the best as possible. Somehow I think that if the formulation is “decent” or able to be used anywhere it has to be lacking in one department or another. In a pinch I think it’s a great option, or even on vacation when you need to pack light, but for the time being I believe the best way is to go specific, even if it ends up taking a little longer.

My Dollar Shave Club Experience

There’s a post going around the internet on a woman who joined the Dollar Shave Club. I too joined, but I never thought to weigh in because I felt a bit funny since it’s mostly geared for men. I was happy to see I wasn’t the only one and I thought I’d tell you my experience using DSC.

*Before I get started, even though any sponsored posts on my blog will be clearly marked I wanted to go out of my way to say since it’s not a usual topic, that this is not sponsored by DSC. It’s just that good.

I’d seen ads for Dollar Shave Club all over. The name attracted me…anything involving “dollar” gives you the impression you’ll be saving money. Unfortunately there are a lot of bad razors out there. Really cheap, razor¬†lightweights on the market. I wouldn’t so much care if they were cheap and I’d use them and toss them out, but they also made shaving unpleasant. Thankfully I wouldn’t consider myself hairy, but sometimes I’d have to go over the same area a few times to get a good shave. We all can agree men’s razors are much better.


Dollar Shave Club’s razors are even another step above. These things are a work of art. Shaving is totally painless, hairs don’t grab and get right down to the skin. There are a couple different kinds of razors (I got the 6 blade.) They allow you to try any of them for $1 for the first month.(FREE SHIPPING TOO) They send you 4 razors, that are to replaced every weeks, so you have a new razor for every week of the month. Since I’m not shaving a man’s beard everyday I definitely can stretch that and get a longer life out of them.


There are a lot of great products to try, but a few that I have tried are their famous Shave Butter( Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter) and Mint Cedarwood Body Cleanser (Wanderer Awakening Mint Cedarwood Body Cleanser) . I’m actually out of the full sized Shave Butter, but let me tell you a little bit about it. First off it has a very light smell, the consistency of conditioner and ingredients like Pacific Sea Algae to soothe your skin. There’s no comparison between that and your standard shaving cream or any shave butter I’ve tried. The Mint Cedarwood Body Cleanser I took a gamble on, I knew there was the possibility it could smell too masculine, but that’s what dads, brothers, and boyfriends are for, just give it to one of them. Luckily it smells refreshing and in my opinion it could definitely qualify as a unisex scent.It doesn’t dry my skin out and even though it’s scented it isn’t too harsh.


I really love this company and being a part of the club. It removes having to coordinate the purchase of shaving items. You know you’ll be getting quality and it comes when you want it (you can adjust the frequency of your order) right to your doorstep. I wouldn’t say shaving is an activity I enjoy, but I’m the closest to that I’ve ever been.

DSC’s February Publication


All About CoolSculpting

If you don’t know exactly how CoolSculpting works don’t feel bad. Like with most treatments there’s a lot of hearsay, especially so for ones that involve fat loss. If you’ve seen the videos online of the frozen stick of butter (the frozen fat) it can be a little tough to imagine getting it done.

Recently I went for a training for CoolSculpting and got to take an inside look at the process and I wanted to share for anyone curious about it.

Who is CS for? CoolSculpting is for people who have stubborn fat in trouble areas. The bulges.It’s not for someone who is severely overweight looking to see a difference on the scale. It’s more like if you’ve been working out, eating right and doing all the things you’re supposed to do and the lovehandles are still there. Or maybe after menopause you have a little belly that won’t budge. It is for women¬†and men.

How does it work?¬†You won’t walk out of the office looking different, but your body is working on it. Your fat cells are frozen to the point where they are¬†terminally damaged, (skin and muscles are not affected during this process)from there your body will naturally clear out those dead cells. This clearing process will continue for the next 90 days, with a thinner fat layer there will be a thinner you.

How long do results last? 2-5 years, even if your weight goes up in that time.

Does it hurt?¬†Sensations such as stinging, pulling (during the treatment), coldness and numbness have all been noted.It’s funny, but supposedly the coldest part of the treatment is when the gel pad (this is placed on before the freezing begins) is placed on the skin. Once the freezing cycle begins everything will go numb within 5-8 minutes. Immediately after the session the treated area will be massaged for 2 minutes. During this time this part of your body is adjusting to the temperature of the room again and it may sting or hurt. (This is compared to coming in after being outside on a very cold day, your face and or hands may sting when getting used to the temperature of the house.) It may sting, but it is worth it to rough it for the two minutes because the massage improves the effectiveness of the treatment 68%. The skin and nerves aren’t affected by CS, but it may take up to a month for sensation to return after being treated. There may be bruises or redness as it heals.

A few final things to mention:

You’ll want to trust the person giving you the treatment. If they say that they don’t think you are a good candidate for a specific spot, trust them. Sometimes it’s not the areas you think you need. They’ll be happy to guide you along the process. CoolSculpting is all about adding contour to your body, shaping and sculpting it. The biggest selling feature of CS is that it has “no downtime”. You’ll see that all over anything related to CS, and who can blame them for advertising that. 3.5 million people have received CS worldwide.

Prior to training I didn’t feel either way towards CoolSculpting. After I can say that I believe that while there is pain involved (like with most things beauty) it is safe.

*Fun fact: The first time extreme cold altering fat was brought to light was in the 70’s when kids who ate a lot of popsicles and fell asleep eating them began to notice their cheeks getting sunken. They had lost fat in their face!






Review: Victoria’s Secret Shea Hydrating Body Lotion

Free sample? Yes please!

That’s how I was introduced to this lotion. Of course I vaguely recall seeing something about the Shea line coming to VS, but it seemed like another one of their lotions. There are so many scents, lotions, oils, mists, washes, creams etc. in that place I didn’t give it a lot of weight.

I was offered a free sample of this last time I was in Victoria’s Secret and I have to say I think they did something different with this lotion as compared to the others. As much as I like some of the smells of their other lotions, I rarely buy them. They are a little runny and sometimes tacky. I don’t feel they do much other than smell good.

With the Shea Lotion I have to say they seemed to really have put all their efforts into moisturizing aspect. I do feel a difference. Not just because I have the lotion on. (Sometimes with lotions and creams you feel your skin is softer when you have it on, but half of what you are feeling is the lotion itself, which is soft and smooth) This lotion absorbs very¬†quickly. Which is a good thing in that all you’re left with is naturally soft feeling skin, rather than soft skin with stuff over it. I like that it leaves the skin feeling soft on its own without a trace of lotion. You do smell the perfume in the lotion, which is also great. The smell is similar to vanilla, but before it gets too sweet it changes and gets deeper. I’m a big fan. Another plus is that it’s paraben free.

Very surprised with this stuff. I guess the only downside I could think of is if you don’t really like products absorbing too quickly. Your skin will almost eat it the minute it goes on, but the benefit would be that your skin will be softer for it.

Something new went into creating this lotion from Victoria’s Secret, I see big difference from their other lotions. I would certainly go back for the full-sized version.

Makeup Mishap: Self Tanner

I’m going to count this as makeup, because there are some makeup products with self tanners and self tanner in many ways is like makeup, makeup ¬†that stays with you. There are so many reasons this is on the list. Color, texture, authenticity.

Color:¬†Let’s go right to the one everyone immediately thinks. ORANGE. There, now that’s out of the way. Just because you don’t resemble a carrot doesn’t mean you’re home free. There are many self tanners out there, many different shades of what looks like a lighter version of a piece of pumpernickle bread. There’s also a sort of camel colored finish that some give. Of course getting your exact color when you tan in a bottle is next to impossible, but it shouldn’t be that far off.

Texture:¬†Very rarely does it go on evenly. Ignoring the hands for a moment, even those are the most complained about. There are just some areas that are hard to reach, like getting all of, and completely around the backs of your arms. There are some areas with some really challenging contours (knees, elbows, ankles) Those are dead giveaways if you’re wondering if someone uses self tanner.

Depending on when you apply the self tanner, if it dries properly, sleeping patterns as it dries, the point is there are a lot of variables into this will dictate the finish. I remember despite my best efforts after showering I’d apply the self tanner on my arms and it would always settle heaviest at certain parts. Leaving a really inconsistent pattern. It was funny at the time there was a girl that I sat next to in college that had the same marks only hers settled at the wrists.

Something else worth mentioning is the condition of your skin while using self tanner.¬†The beginning of summer/spring is when people start going for self tanning, when you don’t even have a base or trace of color, but it’s probably the most challenging time to use it after a long, drying winter. It’s known any dry patches on your skin eat up moisturizer. Imagine the moisturizer being colored. That’s what you’re dealing with when using self tanning lotions. Before you get a chance to rub it in, it’s sunk in. These areas are commonly the back of the arms, cheeks, sides of thighs, tops of the feet, just to name a few. Dryness varies and where it occurs also varies. Make sure to moisturize and moisturize well before using self tanner. I’d go over those dry areas about 15 minutes beforehand with a plain lotion or cream to help with application.

Authenticity:¬†By this I just mean does it appear to be real. If it’s the dead of winter with subzero temperatures and no sun and you’re bronze it’s going to look a little out of place. If you’re naturally fair and suddenly you come into work/school/etc. getting gradually, but very noticeably tanner as time passes it’s not going to look right. Now if neither of these concern you, then by all means. Just something to take into consideration. Not everyone lives on the beaches of California or Florida and therefore you won’t look it. If you’re going to do it right think if it ties into where you are, how you look without the tanner and the season.

¬†To conclude: I think that if done correctly they can look great and really make anyone look better with a little color. There were just some things that when done make me cringe. They look like self tanner, not a tan. You shouldn’t look like a color, you should look like you have color.

Review: Victoria’s Secret Scandalous Fragrance Mist

Sweet. If there’s one word that comes to mind it’s sweet. Too much so.¬†

Usually when getting new perfume or scents of any kind I like to do a little research, just to see what to expect. Since this isn’t a “serious” perfume I guess you could call it, meaning that it’s not expensive and it’s a body mist more than a perfume I didn’t do any research I took what was around me. I opened a few lids, took a sniff and made a decision while on line. I’ve done this before in Victoria Secret since that’s where I usually get body mists. I’ve gotten some good things that I liked and got good use out of there. The only thing to beware of is the store has a smell of its own, especially near the perfumes, lotions, makeup items. People are spraying, spritzing and testing all day long so there’s a barrier that blocks truly getting the scent of something. In the store this smelled pretty good, I liked that it was a little heavier and sweet.

When I got home I still liked the smell, a little sweeter than I remembered, but I wore it. There was a smell in there though that I couldn’t put my finger on. It didn’t smell good. It was underlying, but I continued to wear it thinking the good would outweigh the bad. Then it came to me. The smell was cotton candy-like, the body mist version. There is a certain smell that only body mists have when something is too sweet, it usually reminds me of either cupcake or cotton candy, this was cotton candy. I hate to use this word, but it smells cheap. I know for $10 it’s a bit to be expected, but as I mentioned earlier I’ve gotten some good stuff from Victoria Secret that doesn’t smell like $10.

photo (3)

Bottom line, after looking on the VS site there is apparently no cotton candy notes, in fact it’s described as having raspberry liqueur and praline notes, which would explain the sweetness. I’m sure there are people that will love this scent. However if you aren’t really into sweet things this will definitely not be for you.

*One plus I must include is that this has very good lasting power. It will last all day on your skin. Even spraying it in my room I could still detect it when I got home at night.