Review: NYX Color Mascara

Originally I bought this with the idea of using it for Halloween, but truthfully I had been looking for a product like this. I like the idea of color mascara and not many brands offer it.

I had high hopes for this mascara. In my mind, I envisioned a bright lavender mascara that curled and lifted my lashes as well as it colored them. Although I’ll be specifically reviewing the purple color mascara, things like the brush, formula and price point won’t vary from color to color.

I think that it’s common for us to give a pass to colored mascara in areas we wouldn’t for regular mascara. Almost as if because it has some color to it, it doesn’t have to serve as well being a regular mascara and doing the things mascara does. There may be some truth to this, after all most people don’t buy colored mascara to lengthen their lashes, that’s not really the point. However when these functions don’t exist you realize you miss them.


In the case of NYX’s colored mascara there was not much lengthening or curling to be had. It truly just served as something colorful to coat your eyelashes. The color itself was pretty good, I definitely liked the pastel purple as compared to the darker purples on the market. My only color related complaint was that the vibrancy did fade as time went on and it dried. Speaking of drying…it took a LONG time to dry. Even when it was seemingly dry it still felt tacky. During this tacky period my eyelashes stuck together every time I blinked. The smell of this mascara was really strong, most mascaras do not smell like anything that should go near your eyes if we are truthful, but this was that smell multiplied. The wand was the definition of nothing special. It was as straight as can be and resembled closest to a lipgloss applicator.

To put it simply this mascara left me with mixed feelings. I liked the color of it, but it was only temporarily the color that I wanted. The time it took to dry was definitely a downside. The good news is at only $7.00 I don’t feel like it was a mistake. I think having a colored mascara as a part of your makeup collection is a nice option to change things up and this product fills that spot.


New Favorite Drugstore Everyday Foundation

Foundation is more of what I’m calling it. Technically this product is considered a “tint”, so something more like a tinted moisturizer. However I think the applicator indicates it is to be used more like a foundation. I wouldn’t personally use this the same as I’d use a BB Cream.

The product I’m talking about is Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint. Long ago I used to use Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup. I liked that for a while, but eventually moved on to try other foundations. As far as drugstore goes I’d say Neutrogena overall is one of the best.



I found samples of the Hydro Boost Tint in a magazine about a month ago and I couldn’t get over how smooth my face felt when I had it on; what’s better than that is when I washed it off I could still feel the same smoothness. It improves your skin’s texture through you wearing the makeup. I thought that was pretty amazing. I’m assuming that’s what they are talking about when they claim “moisturizes and plumps skin for 24 hours”. Supposedly there’s Hyaluronic acid in it, however it seems like Hyaluronic acid is in a lot of things these days and I wouldn’t buy something for that. A lot of companies know that that’s a buzzword and while it may include a small amount of Hyaluronic Acid it may be just enough so they can label it. That being said, whatever mix of ingredients with whatever percentage of Hyaluronic acid is in this product I do like it. It really moisturizes your skin and it definitely looks smoother and healthier.

Let’s talk coverage. This is where it starts to show that it’s a tint. It’s light to medium I’d say. You can apply a few coats, but definitely let it dry a bit between coats. I don’t mind it being on the lighter side, if it’s for everyday you won’t want something heavy, especially with the warmer months approaching.


My number one complaint with this foundation/tint is the packaging. Once I opened it in the store I considered not buying it. It’s got a wand, something similar to a concealer wand except thicker. For concealer that’s great. You’ll be doing smaller, more precise areas, however I’d venture to say the majority of people will be wearing this product on their entire face. It’s not practical. I didn’t want to put the wand directly on my skin because even if your face is clean it’s not the most sanitary to stick the wand back in. However, painting my foundation brush with a wand just felt awkward and silly, not to mention that it took time to get enough product. The way this bottle is designed there’s a narrow tube that leads to the rest of the bottle so there’s no way of bending the wand to get additional foundation. 20170418_141347.jpgI should also mention this product is not runny or very liquidy, it’s closer to a whipped consistency, so you can’t shake or turn the bottle to get the product to come to you. What this boils down to is that you don’t have full access to the product which you’ve purchased. This isn’t a $40 bottle of foundation, it was $14.99, however if you pay for it I believe you should be able to use it to its entirety or at least as close to its entirety as possible. I think it was cheap of Neutrogena and unnecessary. For that reason I may not repurchase this, but I do love the formula.



Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Lipstick

The color held up to its name. Points immediately for that. 

Although I bought Fuchsia Flash (#865) I’m going to focus more on┬áthe quality of the lipstick, consistency, overall thoughts without getting too deep into the color. I think with this line the colors overshadow the other aspects of the lipstick. All you see is “VIVID” and it’s easy to forget there are other ends of the deal that as a lipstick must uphold when you buy it.


  • Buildable– I think that the more the better when it comes to this to really get the full effect, but if you just want a little it will go a long way. It’s perfect if you can’t switch out lipsticks and you have a long day ahead and will change clothes at some point. Earlier on in the day use one or two light coats, later on go for the “vivid” look.
  • Light smell– It’s not going to make you regret wearing it because of the smell. There is a light smell, something cake-like, maybe vanilla, just to give you an idea.
  • Non Drying/Moisturizing– This lipstick is very moisturizing. Even if your lips are dry the more lipstick you apply the better they will feel. They don’t take anything from your lips, they add to them. This also makes for a really good application. Your lips won’t get dragged along because the lipstick is too dry.
  • Non Deceiving-It was a nice surprise that the color looks the same as it does in the tube as on your lips. You can pick confidently that way. If you think the color will look good because of how it looks in the store, chances are good it will look good.
  • Inexpensive– Even for drugstore lipstick this was pretty cheap. It was somewhere in the neighborhood of $5.99. If you would normally spend $20 on a lipstick you could buy a couple of these instead and walk away with a few different colors.


  • After the first time using this I found it a little harder to get the color going. It seems to be very concentrated, I’m assuming because of the strong color, but you’ll just have to push a little harder to work the color in. Once it gets going it’s fine.

Overall I’m very happy with this lipstick. For the price I think it’s good quality, the colors are great for spring. I’m┬áglad I┬átried one, used it for a few days before buying the entire line, although it wouldn’t have been a bad thing.

Quick Review: Revlon ColorStay Skinny Liquid Liner

I really enjoy doing reviews on drugstore products because I feel like just about anyone has access to it. This is an impressively good eyeliner. Either my recent expectations for drugstore liquid eyeliner has been lower than it should have been, or I just got lucky with this. Last I remembered liquid eyeliner that comes in this form, this type of container, with this brush was a definite no-go. I didn’t know if it was the brush itself or how it had been sitting made it (as I recall) ┬áto come out in globs, very tough to apply, the line would result in sort of a curved thick thing that didn’t connect in spots. It just wasn’t my cup of tea, especially after finding the Tattoo Liner by Kat Von D.

Two things attracted me to buy this :

  • Color (Electric Blue)
  • “Skinny” (to me that meant that the brush would be thin and less product would come out at a time for more control)

Thankfully I got what I wanted out of the above two and more. The color is as bright and vibrant as the outside implies. Nothing is more disappointing than liking a color on the outside and opening it to find a different color entirely. It has a slight shimmer, but certainly not glittery by any means. It’s just enough. The brush is fairly thin, maybe not skinny, but in the end it didn’t matter it was easy enough to be applied in one or two swipes. It is ideal for anything on the go. There wasn’t any┬áburn factor. That’s huge. Sometimes things that are colored can irritate my eyes more than let’s say a black or brown item would , not at all with this liquid liner. It has really good lasting power. I wore it for about 10 hours without any base or primer on my eyes. It hadn’t smudged or faded.

Only real downfall would be the color selection. I wish it came in more colors, but I’d certainly buy again.

New Mascara Pick (Drugstore)

┬áTheir packaging isn’t anything to get excited about, the selection is pretty slim and it just kind of fades into the background with all the other brightly colored and eye-catching mascaras that are in front of you in the aisle.┬áI hadn’t used an Almay mascara before. Nothing drew me to it.┬áI was in a hurry and just kind of needed a┬ánew mascara. I just picked it up and thought “let’s see what it can do.” Despite the boring straight, gray tube Almay’s Intense I-Color Volumizing Mascara is something special. There are things this mascara does that I haven’t gotten from any other mascaras I have tried.┬á

  • IT DOESN’T CLUMP. I’m not sure how this can happen, but you actually have to try to make this stuff clump up on you.
  • There is no drying time. If there’s one thing I don’t really care for it’s the feeling of wet mascara drying or smudging it because it hadn’t dried. You’ll put this on and it’ll be dry before you can test to see if it is.
  • Odor isn’t overwhelming. With some mascaras I really question if what is in the tube is safe for human eyes. It can smell pretty potent. This of course has a scent to it if bought to your nose, but nothing out of the ordinary.
  • Curls and Lengthens without weighing down your eyelashes. This stuff is light. You can still blink and feel like your eyelashes are around the same weight as before. This is very comfortable mascara to wear.
  • Brush Power. One of my other really favorite features which is hard to come by is the brush on it. It’s thick, it gets slightly thinner at the top, it really gets through efficiently and well. It coats without the wiggling motion usually necessary.

I really can’t think of any cons other than the packaging , which I know is a hang-up for a lot of people because they feel like they want to buy something “pretty”. I can agree with this on some level because like I said I didn’t even notice it due to it’s bland outside. Look past that and you’ll have a good thing┬áthat’s reasonably priced on your hands.

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