New Favorite Drugstore Everyday Foundation

Foundation is more of what I’m calling it. Technically this product is considered a “tint”, so something more like a tinted moisturizer. However I think the applicator indicates it is to be used more like a foundation. I wouldn’t personally use this the same as I’d use a BB Cream.

The product I’m talking about is Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint. Long ago I used to use Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup. I liked that for a while, but eventually moved on to try other foundations. As far as drugstore goes I’d say Neutrogena overall is one of the best.



I found samples of the Hydro Boost Tint in a magazine about a month ago and I couldn’t get over how smooth my face felt when I had it on; what’s better than that is when I washed it off I could still feel the same smoothness. It improves your skin’s texture through you wearing the makeup. I thought that was pretty amazing. I’m assuming that’s what they are talking about when they claim “moisturizes and plumps skin for 24 hours”. Supposedly there’s Hyaluronic acid in it, however it seems like Hyaluronic acid is in a lot of things these days and I wouldn’t buy something for that. A lot of companies know that that’s a buzzword and while it may include a small amount of Hyaluronic Acid it may be just enough so they can label it. That being said, whatever mix of ingredients with whatever percentage of Hyaluronic acid is in this product I do like it. It really moisturizes your skin and it definitely looks smoother and healthier.

Let’s talk coverage. This is where it starts to show that it’s a tint. It’s light to medium I’d say. You can apply a few coats, but definitely let it dry a bit between coats. I don’t mind it being on the lighter side, if it’s for everyday you won’t want something heavy, especially with the warmer months approaching.


My number one complaint with this foundation/tint is the packaging. Once I opened it in the store I considered not buying it. It’s got a wand, something similar to a concealer wand except thicker. For concealer that’s great. You’ll be doing smaller, more precise areas, however I’d venture to say the majority of people will be wearing this product on their entire face. It’s not practical. I didn’t want to put the wand directly on my skin because even if your face is clean it’s not the most sanitary to stick the wand back in. However, painting my foundation brush with a wand just felt awkward and silly, not to mention that it took time to get enough product. The way this bottle is designed there’s a narrow tube that leads to the rest of the bottle so there’s no way of bending the wand to get additional foundation. 20170418_141347.jpgI should also mention this product is not runny or very liquidy, it’s closer to a whipped consistency, so you can’t shake or turn the bottle to get the product to come to you. What this boils down to is that you don’t have full access to the product which you’ve purchased. This isn’t a $40 bottle of foundation, it was $14.99, however if you pay for it I believe you should be able to use it to its entirety or at least as close to its entirety as possible. I think it was cheap of Neutrogena and unnecessary. For that reason I may not repurchase this, but I do love the formula.




Tarte Foundations: Amazonian Clay vs Rainforest of the Sea

We all love a good foundation, but what happens when you have two? Time to compare. 

  • Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation:

Let’s start from the outside. The cap is interesting, it looks like it’s made from bamboo or something and it’s pretty good in showing what color it is on the front and along the side of the tube. On the back it lists that it is 12 hour makeup and it’s oil free, both two important facts.

It is full coverage and I rarely need more than one layer. It reminds me of a magic eraser the way it is able to get rid of anything in a single swipe. It’s very thick, but blends out smoothly. You will not need a lot of this at all to get the job done. A big plus for this foundation is ¬†that there are so many shades available and it has an SPF of 15.

  • Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation:

Going from the outside again, it has an ombre gold to purple or purple to gold top (depending on how you look at it) which really catches your eye. If you don’t know anything about this foundation and just pick it up you might push on the top, but it’s actually a dropper once you unscrew it from the bottle. The entire bottle is see through so it’s even easier to identify colors. On the back it just says “shake well”, it also is a 12 hour foundation, just not oil free.

Rainforest of the Sea is also full coverage, although I find it to be much lighter. Compared to the Amazonian Clay foundation I have to use a lot more. I’d say 2-3 layers compared to the 1 for Amazonian Clay. I’m not the biggest fan of the dropper even though you can control the amount coming out you are constantly opening and closing the bottle which lets air/dust in and gets messy around the edges. A big downside for this foundation is the limited shades. I’m not really sure what they were thinking with that, I mean you have a great product, why not make it available to everyone? Before you get too upset, I’m betting¬†since it has caused such an uproar they will correct it soon.


Looking at it this way both foundations are :

  • Full Coverage
  • 12 hour
  • Include SPF 15
  • $39.00 USD

What makes these two different are the consistencies and coverage.


Amazonian Clay sometimes reminds me of a whipped foundation, it’s light, but also thick. It leaves a somewhat matte finish. It’s pretty much good for all skin types, but I’d use this over the other for someone with oilier skin.

Rainforest of the Sea is dewy. It feels more like a skin treatment than a foundation when you apply it, extremely hydrating (it’s made up of 20% water.) Looking at it consistency-wise it’s a little heavier than something you might water paint with. This would be best for people with drier skin or who love that glowing, fresh and almost wet looking skin.

For the amount of foundation you use and the coverage you get you cannot beat the Amazonian Clay Foundation. Personally at this moment despite what I just said, I prefer Rainforest of the Sea Foundation. It’s really well matched for my skin, which tends to be on the drier side. Even though I have to use more, I find it looks incredibly smooth and I love the feeling of it, and really that’s the only thing that makes me lean more to one side.


All I can say is, it’s a very close match.


Review: Zuii Organic Flora Powder Foundation

I think this product is what Bare Minerals thinks it is. Bare Minerals is always seen as the light, flawless coverage and really natural powder foundation. This is no comparison though. I don’t understand how this brand isn’t bigger. It could be that it’s from Australia, so here in the US it’s not seen as one of the big brands, but it needs to be.

As much as I like makeup on the more natural side, I don’t usually check to see if it’s organic. I don’t know if it’s because it’s organic or just this brand in particular, but my face has responded so well to this makeup. I wore it days in a row and even slept in it and still no breakouts. I’d venture to say my face looks better than it would normally with this foundation.

This powder foundation has better coverage than any liquid foundation I’ve ever used. It doesn’t smudge at all throughout the day. Where you put it is where it will be 10 hours from then. If oiliness is a problem for you, try this out. It’s not made specifically for oily skin, but watch how much less oily you are at the end of the day. For me the biggest problem is that the foundation on my forehead always seems to come to the surface and it just doesn’t look the same.

This foundation is smooth, mattifying and extremely velvety. No one thought I was wearing makeup, they just thought my face looked really nice that day and here’s the crazy thing…that was the only¬† thing I had on my face. I didn’t have to go into a whole routine with concealer, primer and different foundations. If I use this foundation that’s all I need. It doesn’t get any easier. Your makeup and your skin will look impeccable.

The downside? The price. Try $59.95. Pretty expensive for a powder. However there are foundations that are not so good for anywhere from 20-40 something dollars, so I guess there’s a little reasoning for you. I also argued that you can have one item that does everything rather than buying a few trying to get the same result.


Review: Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Powder Foundation

Since clearing my skin by keeping away from all foundations I was hesitant to try anything. I didn’t want anything to interfere with my progress. I also feared since it had been a while since I wore anything my skin would reject something new and be more prone to breaking out with an intruder on its surface. Thankfully with this product none of these are concerns.¬†

The first thing that I must mention is the coverage. It took me back. One swipe, one dusting, one circle made with your brush or sponge will cover things that some concealers can’t. The best way to describe this powder is an eraser. Speaking of which…let’s not forget it is a powder. In most cases powder = drying, right? No. Remarkably this foundation is completely non-drying. On the other hand it also won’t clog your pores with a thick, oily formula.

The reason behind looking for foundation at all was because I still see some redness with my skin, especially with more sun in the summer, it was time to find something.

This foundation is the best of both worlds. Protects against the sun (SPF 20) and erases any imperfections.

The only thing that I must warn you with this is since the coverage is so good it’s easy to go overboard. I found too much leaves you looking like you’re about to go on stage. It can look similar to stage/theatre makeup. It covers absolutely everything and is only one color. However, if worn correctly it can look so natural,as if you have nothing on and just have a flawless face. While wearing this I did have someone ask if I was wearing makeup. As far as “matching” to my skin (as it claims to do in the name) I didn’t see anything that led me to believe it does that, but I can’t take off any points because I’m just as happy with it despite that.

This Argan Matchmaker Powder Foundation was more than what I was expecting and most of all managed to perfect my skin while not sending my skin into a frenzy. Not many things can do that.

Makeup Mishap: Sun Protection

In the attempt to shield your face from the sun there can be a lot area for error. You want to make sure that you are indeed being protected, but does that mean you have to sacrifice the overall look of your face?

When the sun comes out it can result in a glossy, sunscreen-filled mess. From your lips, to your nose, to your hairline a thick layer of sun defense liquids¬†will appear in no time. Some days you can get away with just a little foundation that has a low SPF, but it’s summer now. The beach, vacation, holidays spent outside, hiking, whatever you’ve got planned there’s no doubt that whatever you’ve been doing over the winter/spring for sun protection for your skin won’t cut it. Chances are you’ll be using heavier SPF and more of it. The problem is mixing foundation and sunscreen just leaves you with a larger quantity of foundation that no longer matches your skin. If you have perfect skin already and don’t feel the need to use any concealer or foundation and want to stick with straight sunscreen there’s no denying it can leave you looking like a ghost.( Especially if you have medium-dark skin)

The Solution: 

There’s a few ways to go about this. You could go with a tinted moisturizer with a high SPF, a BB cream, a tinted sunscreen (these are my favorite) . Any of those work. They are easy, the color is there, the SPF is there. Still they do tend to slip and slide more than the average foundation. That’s where a light powder would come in (preferably also with SPF), just a dusting. You don’t want to create a clay pot on your face while sitting out in the sun. You’ll want to avoid layers because they’ll only come off with heat. For your lips you’ll want to take the same idea in mind ( color + SPF) , a chapstick or tinted lip color with a SPF is great because you get the benefit of those solid white sunscreen sticks for your lips while adding color and disguising the sun tan lotion that leaves them pale.


The rest goes back to common sense, break out a hat, keep cool, cover yourself when necessary and enjoy the sun.

Going “Foundation-Free”

Have you ever thought in the middle of applying your foundation¬†“why am I doing this anyway?” or “why am I putting all this stuff on my skin to have it look like, well…¬†skin?”¬†¬†I have. Then I would quickly remind myself I’m doing this because my skin wouldn’t look right. I would see things I didn’t want to see. Everyone would see “too much”. Since I’ve been 14 or 15 I’ve worn some kind of foundation, concealer or tinted moisturizer everyday. I would go months at a time without giving my skin any sort of break from the stuff. At the time my skin wasn’t good, it was not something I would feel comfortable going out without any sort of barrier between myself and the eyes of others. Dramatic as it sounds, if I went out without something on I would not leave the car or if I had to go out I would carry myself differently, my head would hang low not to show my face.¬†I always thought when I had good enough skin, then I wouldn’t wear foundation. That day never came. Finally out of pure curiosity I tried going 2 full weeks without anything. No concealer, no foundation, no tinted moisturizer, no powder, no BB, CC creams. Just moisturizer.

If you challenge yourself or become curious like I did, the first thing you’ll probably think upon starting this adventure is “God I’m paler than I remember!” or darker, or “was my complexion always that ruddy?!” . It’ll be something along the lines of the tone of your skin, your actual skin. We only see glimpses of this these days. Maybe at night when we take everything off we’ll see our skin in some sort of dimly lit bathroom and it’s not a big deal because we’re going to bed. Then in the morning we’ll quickly apply our makeup in a hurry to get out of the house in time. Once you get past that, it’s actually more convenient. You won’t have to worry if you didn’t blend your makeup into your jaw properly and you have that dreaded and distinct line where the foundation starts. You’ll remember what your skin looks like and feels like with nothing on.

Your skin will balance itself. This is the most amazing thing that I’ve noticed since not wearing foundation. My skin has since improved since I was 14 or 15 or at it’s worst when I was 17, but even now it was not where I’d like it to be. Some spots were dry , there was some redness, but I thought this was normal, no one has perfect skin. My skin has truly transformed in the two weeks. It seems to be regulating itself. It’s even, there aren’t dry patches, no clogged pores. No dry skin in winter ? Yes.

If there’s no foundation there’s nothing to wash off. Now, if you’re washing your skin properly there shouldn’t be residue anyway, but it’s not the same as not wearing anything. You can get rid of the¬†cycle of washing, stripping, toning, moisturizing. Your skin is capable of a lot if you leave it¬†.You’ll find yourself being more careful you won’t be so quick to scratch or pick at your skin, knowing the luxury of covering it up with concealer isn’t there. All these things combined you’re going to end up with better skin.

It’s a little contradictory I realize, being a makeup artist and encouraging you to not wear foundation. I found it to be an interesting experiment. As time goes on you’ll find the less you wear the less you need. The need for it will go away. The need for it mentally to look okay and the need for it physically to cover imperfections. Am I going to wear foundation again? Absolutely. I love it, it makes your skin look even, flawless and gives you a little color. The point is that I can¬†do without it, which is something I wouldn’t have been able to say in the past. This is something to do to start from scratch. See what you’ve got. You may surprise yourself with how you feel at the end.