Not Having a Valentine

I don’t claim to be a relationship expert, or even one to give advice on the subject, but I see this holiday cause a lot of suffering.

Valentine’s Day is like everyone celebrating a birthday you won’t get to have that year in front of you. The gifts, the fun, and there you are missing out on it all. Right? Or is there another way to take it in?

Certainly there is that way of looking at it, you can feel left out, depressed and roll your eyes at the whole thing. As the day approaches it’s unfortunately like picking sides. You’re either in the group of happy couples or the passive aggressive single people. However there’s a lot of room in between there that either the card companies or people don’t want you to see. I’ve always thought of Valentine’s Day as a day of love. Not just romantic, but in all forms. I make a point to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day, friend, family or otherwise. I go out of my way to hold the door open for someone, smile at someone or compliment them. A lot of people feel forgotten. The elderly, the widows and people who are away from loved ones.

Try to spend this day searching out those forgotten people. Over half the population in the US is single. If people know you don’t have a significant other they won’t always say something. I’ve had friends say that I’m the only one that wished them a Happy Valentine’s Day. Everyone deserves to be happy, loved and remembered. I like to give small gifts and or small cards. As far as myself I like to do something rather than buy something.

A couple additional things to remember:

You aren’t alone. It may not help you to remember that, but the fact remains.

It’s only another day. Typical, I know, but when the sun rises it all returns to normal.

Don’t watch depressing romantic movies. You don’t need that.

You never know what the next year brings.

Spread some love.




What To Look Forward To In The Fall

Fall’s pretty nice. There’s no arguing that. My birthday is even in the fall, yet every year I get an uneasy feeling when fall rolls around. Could it be I’m having flashbacks to starting school? Do I need to find a fall inspired drink to get me to feel better? No and no. The answer lies, I believe, in the weather. The leaves changing and cooler air is a really nice experience, but it’s what comes after that brings me down. Winter is gray, bitter cold and lasts forever. Every day that goes by I notice it getting darker earlier and colder. So, this year to distract from all that I’m choosing to embrace the fall as much as possible. I’m going to take notice of the little things and enjoy them. If you’re like me and aren’t so excited that fall is on the horizon here’s a  list of things I’ll be taking notice of to make it a little more pleasant.

Things I’m looking forward to this fall:

  1. Scenery– There is no time of year that looks like fall. Pumpkins, squash, falling leaves,clear skies and the air is fragrant. Soak it up while it lasts.
  2. Halloween– I do still dress up (mostly for the makeup side of it), and so should you. It’s fun and can be a way to test your skills on looks you can only get away with for one day a year.
  3. Food– Thanksgiving is probably what comes to mind, but the rest of the food that comes during the fall is pretty delicious as well.
  4. Apple Picking– Almost every year my family and I take a trip and pick apples. It’s nice being outside for the day, doing something simple and getting to eat what you find.
  5. New Styles/Makeup– When else could you get away with wearing a coffee or gray matte nail polish? Fall allows for some leeway. I like the change of looks that occur during this time of year. I’m going to like wearing some deeper shades after wearing a lot of lighter colors during the summer.


How do you feel about the season change? Do you love fall?