La Bella Donna Makeup Line Review

Recently I had the pleasure of working using the natural makeup line La Bella Donna. While working I thought that I had to share this gem.

This is the only makeup line that I had seen claim that wearing their makeup was better than wearing nothing. Now that’s a first!

First a quick few facts about La Bella Donna before I get into the review.

  • LBD is safe for pregnant women and those with immune deficiency diseases
  • LBD has no chemicals, parabens or additives
  • The minerals in LBD have the ability to heal a number of skin conditions such as acne, melasma, eczema
  • LBD will not clog pores and is suitable for all ages

What impressed me the most was the way people’s skin seemed to like the foundation (both powder and liquid) it complimented a variety of skin types and textures. I could put it over acne, dry skin, oily skin, sagging skin and it transformed the skin into an airbrushed canvas for me to continue on. The only negative was the limited shades the liquid foundation came in, which I have to admit is not something unique to La Bella Donna. The coverage that you can achieve through their foundation alone or with concealer is remarkable. The best part was many people said they felt like they didn’t have anything on and they didn’t look it either. It gives you that look of having just been on vacation or getting the perfect amount of sleep.

Most of the palettes can be used interchangeably. For example the contouring palette does not limit you to only using it for contouring. I know most contouring palettes “could” double as an eyeshadow palette, but LBD actually encourages this and intends for you to do this.

The pigments in all the products in the line are incredible. If you ever get to play around with any of the makeup you’ll experience that moment where you are able to swipe one finger over an eyeshadow or blush and get such an intense color. Something else nice is that it’s common for mineral makeup to come up powdery, but thankfully not with La Bella Donna.

Would you expect this kind of line to offer a liquid eyeliner? Well, they do and it has a beautifully shaped felt tip, another surprise! The pencil eyeliners won’t have you pushing hard or pulling on your eyelid to get the desired intensity. The mascara that LBD developed nourishes your lashes and it went on smoothly.

If you like variety with lip products you won’t be disappointed. There’s their version of a standard lipstick, “Baci Baci” which is a moisturizing lip sheer, the regular lip sheer which is like a lipgloss, lip pencils and duo lip crayons.

Screenshot_20180117-182726.jpgAnyone with any sort of skin condition or allergic reaction to standard cosmetics should definitely consider LBD. If that doesn’t describe you and just want to find a more natural makeup line I would highly recommend La Bella Donna.




Keeping Hair Healthy, Not Greasy

Is it possible to go a few days without washing your hair and have it look healthy? Yes. Are there other ways than dry shampoo? Yes.

I don’t know about you, but it seems 95% of advice about oily hair or hair that gets greasy involves dry shampoo. Don’t get me wrong, it works, but it’s just putting a mask on what can be improved. In the end I found that I was just loading my hair up with dry shampoo which created a film by the end of the day and left my hair looking dull. I still like dry shampoo, I use it occasionally, but it’s not your only option. In fact, since integrating these few rituals I barely have to use it anymore.

Sometimes you don’t have time to wash your hair everyday, or others choose not to add to the health of their hair. An easy solution is to wash your hair everyday, but sometimes that’s not even enough, I’ve seen hair that greases up within 30 minutes of taking a shower. I generally wash my hair every other day or every 2 days. If it is better for your hair not to wash it everyday I don’t want to be left out, but most of the time it’s just for lack of time.

Wherever you fall in the debate, here’s what I’ve been doing:

Styling Hair ASAP-I’ve found that the sooner I curl or straighten my hair the more it will last through the next few days. I’m not saying fry your hair by curling it everyday, but even giving it a few heatless waves will lift your hair off the scalp, your neck and face. Let your hair have the least amount of time resting on skin or contact with skin.

Sleeping with Hair Up- It’s a long night, tossing turning, resting on pillows, your hair on your face- all this + heat= hair that sticks to you. As mentioned above keep your hair off your skin, plus sleeping in a loose bun will add volume for the next day.

Hands Off During the Day- This is the last I’ll mention about the skin and hair, but it is important to be mindful of running your fingers through your hair/scalp during the day. The more you touch, the more oil will find its way to your hair.

Using A Balancing Shampoo- Everyone can use a shampoo that balances whatever it is that is out of order causing the oiliness.

3 days without washing

Distributing Oils- You may have heard that your hair actually needs a little greasiness to be healthy. “It’s your hair’s natural oils!” That’s true, however they aren’t just going to magically gravitate to drier parts of your hair (especially the ends.) Even if you go a decent amount of time without washing your hair the majority of it would accumulate at the scalp. Every night I’ve been brushing through my hair top to bottom, manually distributing the oils. I’ll add that my hair has gotten stronger, shinier and in better condition through this practice. I find it easiest to do at night, but you can do it whenever works best for you.

Conditioning Selectively- I believe this is common knowledge, but just in case you need a reminder: use conditioner as needed and never on the scalp.

Incorporating DIY Hair Masks- Most of the time these are one ingredient conditioning masks such as a few tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil- and for this I do go up to the scalp. As saturated as it looks, it will come out with shampoo in the shower. It’s good every now and then to condition your hair and add back moisture and balance. It doesn’t get any easier than 20-30 minutes and an oil of your choice.


*Personal note* I apologize for not writing for a while. I will be returning to college in the fall and  I’m in the ever-daunting process of deciding what school to go to and what to major in. It’s been all consuming, but I appreciate your patience.



Review: Neuma Shampoo

My hair looks the best is when I switch my shampoos up often. Recently I tried two shampoos from Neuma, neuSmooth and neuVolume.

Neuma promises “heals and protects hair, sustaining vibrant color. Phyto Colour Complex, a proprietary blend of plant extracts and and essential oils, maximizes colour hue, vibrancy and longevity. Phyto UV Shield, an exclusive blend of plant nutrients, protects colour from UVA & UVB oxidation. Neuma includes essential oils that soothe the senses and infuse hair with life, bounce and a healthy radiance. Simply the best for your hair …for you…and our environment.

In nature, nothing exists in isolation. There is only inclusion. There is connection. The same is true for beauty…everything is connected. Neuma brings beauty, health and well-being to hair…and our lives”

Based on that statement it sounds like it’s quality. I truly believe that Neuma puts effort in. I believe that they try to make all their promises a reality. I found their products to be good, but not great. Here’s why:

It’s a similar situation for both, upon lathering the shampoo in your hair you can feel it’s good stuff. Salon quality. I can say that they both do what they say they’ll do, meaning the volumizing shampoo made my hair more voluminous and the neuSmooth made my hair less flyaway after a shower.

The scent for both was not really something I liked smelling. It’s no secret that anything with herbs might have a more earthy or strong smell. I was ready for that, but this was herbs plus something really sweet. The neuSmooth reminded me of a kid’s toothpaste. It was like something that tried too hard to smell like bubblegum. The neuVolume brought me right back to having braces by smelling eerily close to Carmex. I know some people like the smell of Carmex, so maybe it’ll jog your memory of something better.

As my hair dried I noticed my hair was really greasy in the back of my head, basically like I never took a shower at all.Generally if I go two days without a shower then my hair will start to get oily, but certainly not after a shower. I didn’t sleep on it and I let it air-dry. This happened with both shampoos, so if your hair tends to get oily quickly I would not recommend this at all.

To sum it up, I think this is a good brand. I think they use high-quality ingredients. The smell I can get past. I don’t have to be crazy about the smell of something if it works well, but if I can’t wash my hair with it without knowing it won’t look clean, what is the point?


Fast Home Remedy For DIY Teeth Whitening

If you have time to brush your teeth, you have time to do this ultra quick, all natural teeth whitening and that’s what I love about it.

I’ve been looking around lately for something extra to put into the usual routine of brushing and flossing my teeth that is easy and cost-effective. There’s been one going around the internet using turmeric and coconut oil. At first I gave that one a try, but I have to be honest walking around and waiting for 10 minutes with yellow oil dripping from your mouth isn’t as fun as it might sound. Not to mention after that I felt like I couldn’t get the oil cleared out from my mouth as much as I rinsed and my oily, yellow stained toothbrush couldn’t be saved. That one wasn’t for me even though it fit the requirements of being easy and cost-effective. Fast forward to the next week and I found something that I can see myself repeating.

For this simple concoction you only need 2 ingredients: Baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

First, you’ll want to wet your toothbrush and dip it into some baking soda that you’ve poured out in a small bowl. Brush your teeth with baking soda. Next, take more baking soda from your bowl and coat your teeth. Lastly, pour out some apple cider vinegar into a glass or cup and use about the amount you would for mouthwash. You’ll feel a sort of explosion, so be prepared. It will be fizzy. Spit it out and rinse your mouth with plain water.

Overall this tastes salty, nothing crazy, certainly you won’t gag or feel sick.I wouldn’t recommend doing this everyday because I think it would start have more of a negative impact rather than positive if you do it that often. Treat it like you would any other whitening treatment, don’t go overboard and be gentle with your teeth and gums.

No-Makeup Makeup

This look is easy, perfect for any day and overall it’s pretty fast to accomplish. The other thing with this look is everyone’s definition of what a no makeup look is different. There’s a couple ways of looking at it, some people will tell you that it’s minimal makeup that looks like there’s not a lot of makeup because there really isn’t that much makeup. Then there’s those that will say that it can be any amount of makeup (even quite a bit) to achieve the look of not having a lot of makeup. I tend to fall somewhere in the middle as far as that’s concerned.

Next is the element of color, meaning the lips/cheeks. It’s very inconsistent if you ask around you’ll hear something different from everyone. Should you keep it nude or neutral, maybe a little color, or a pop of color to balance the rest of the face out.

Here’s my take on the No-Makeup Makeup:

Face– As I said before, I really am a mix of feeling you shouldn’t use too much product, but enough to do the job. Don’t walk around with not enough just because the name “No-Makeup”. As always the name of the game is to look your best, this is just another way of doing it. I’d go with a medium coverage foundation that matches you well. This isn’t the time to make yourself lighter or darker. Match your true color and go with that. Blend it in thoroughly.

One thing I don’t think you should skip or go light on is concealing. If you need to get rid of your dark circles , brown spots or redness, don’t hold back. One of the things I like about this style of makeup is that you natural, like you don’t have those everyday, small imperfections.

Sometimes I look at myself and decide that I’ll use blush , other times I do without it. It’s up to you and how you’re feeling that day. If I do I’ll use a rosy blush.

Highlighting is perfect for this look, I never do anything too strong, I don’t do strobing, but I do a little just on my cheekbones.

Eyes- A little mascara to open your eyes will suit you well. If you want, use a matte shadow to cover up or even out any discoloration or hide veins that will work nicely.

Eyebrows- Fill them in, but give them a good couple brushes through. Leave a nice fade rather than something that makes a statement. Similar to your foundation, stay around your natural color and don’t feel like it’s necessary to fill them as meticulously as usual. If there some areas that you are leaving more sparse than usual, that’s fine. It’s about improving, not perfecting.

Lips- I am in favor of color. That being said, just a shade or two darker than your lips and the less shimmer the better. You want it to be subtle. Lightly line them to define them a little more.

In most cases makeup is about highlighting your best features. Here I feel that it’s all about mimicking what you already have. Take your natural colors, shapes and features and work with them. I think it can be eye-opening to see your face this way. Usually you think that you need to wear a lot of makeup, or even a certain style of makeup to look good, that’s because you go from zero to one hundred. It’s extreme and of course you’re going to prefer the one where you look more airbrushed.This time go for a 50 and meet yourself halfway. Wear makeup, but have it be you. You’ll discover how little makeup it can take to make yourself feel like you’re wearing much more.

Heartburn Remedy

No, not the kind from a breakup. There’s nothing that will put an end to enjoyable evening or morning like heartburn. Maybe it was your own doing by eating something you know triggers it or maybe it was a mystery case . Either way no matter how bad the burn, this fast and cheap remedy wrestles down the beast.

What will you need: 

Apple Cider Vinegar (of your choice)




Heat up water like you’re going to make tea. You’ll be using that amount and that temperature. Take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix well. Next, take a tablespoon of honey and add to the vinegar and water. Drink up and feel better.

Something about this combination takes away heartburn every time. Apple cider vinegar has a lot of beauty benefits, why not include it when helping get rid of indigestion and heartburn?

A couple tips: 

*Make sure your water is hot enough. Lukewarm doesn’t have the same result.

*You can go a little lighter with the ACV if you want you can test 1 tsp and see from there. I usually just do a tablespoon because I don’t mind the taste (as long as there’s honey) and I want to get the job done.

*I recommend using a darker honey it works better than the lighter/syrupy ones.

There’s no longer the dread of heartburn anymore. If I feel it coming on I’ll whip this recipe up, down it and move on. I invite you to do the same.

Review: Pacifica Eyeliner

Eyeliner. If I need it I go to the closest CVS and pick up any dollar pencil liner and that’s that. I’ve been doing that for a while with the exception of an emerald eyeliner from Laura Mercier that I’d get once in a while because I couldn’t find a similar color from the drug store. This worked. I don’t know why, but eyeliner was the one thing I really did not like to spend money on. I guess it’s the feeling of looking at something that looks like a pencil and having to pay anywhere from $18 to $22 for it. It didn’t sit right with me.

I started to get a little disappointed with my standard dollar black eyeliners. They’d fade and end up looking gray or charcoal at best. It would take time and to get them to give any color at all. Especially over eyeshadow or on the outside of my eye. I could trace my lashline endlessly and nothing would come up. It would just take the eyeshadow I used. Sometimes it would hurt to apply. I could never get it to look black or dramatic. So what’s the point?

With this Pacifica eyeliner it’s the middle of the road. It’s not a dollar, but it’s also not $20. I got mine for $9.99. The difference between this pencil and the ones from CVS is enough to pay the extra money. The quality is there. One thing that I didn’t like from the other pencils was they would never go on easily. The brilliance and depth never came through. Even after pressing harder and going back and forth it wouldn’t deliver. I was amazed how little effort it took to get that true black, black. That’s the whole idea in buying a certain color, that it comes out that color. If you buy black chances are you are looking for a jet black, much like the name of the eyeliner ( “Jet”) As sharp as it looks it’s not pokey. It goes on creamy. Can’t ask for anything better. I wasn’t expecting there to be that much of a difference. As soon as I tried it I saw the difference. If you are like me with your eyeliner, it’s probably time to upgrade.