Review: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Aquacealer Concealer

This is the concealer to my current favorite foundation.I had high hopes going in because of how much I love the Rainforest of the Sea Foundation. Did I get lucky enough to find exactly what I had been hoping for?

Well… the truth is half and half. I will say that Tarte did an excellent job of making the formula thick enough to be recognized as a concealer without losing its identity as being from the Rainforest of the Sea collection.

The coverage is amazing and it goes on like a dream. It’s smooth, hydrating (perfect for under the eyes) and looks natural. Sometimes concealers can be a little too strong, we get it, you want to cover up, but you also compromise the look of skin looking like skin. This is a great balance between being able to  conceal and still seeing the texture and look of your own skin.

The applicator is one of my favorite things about this product. It’s thick, kind of chunky and is able to hold a lot of concealer. This is ideal for when you are in a rush; with a lot of other concealers the applicator is quite thin, so you end up making many skinny lines. In one swipe or applying a dot or two I can have the entirety of my under eye area taken care of. It’s nice to have something in your routine that you don’t have to think about and this is one of those things. It doesn’t have to be precise and it goes so quickly it will feel like you skipped a step.


All this is just peachy, but there is one thing I’ll mention about this that I wasn’t that excited about. The smell. It’s not even that it’s strong, which it is, it’s the nature of the smell. It comes off as something derived from chemicals. It reminds me of Wite-Out or something similar. I’m not sure what’s causing that smell and why it is present in the concealer and not the foundation, but it is not exactly pleasant.

I’m not sure if it’s the shape of the bottle or what, but it does seem like you get a better deal than with the skinnier tubes of concealer.

Bottom line:I like the performance, but not the smell. How important is the smell of something for you?



Tarte Foundations: Amazonian Clay vs Rainforest of the Sea

We all love a good foundation, but what happens when you have two? Time to compare. 

  • Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation:

Let’s start from the outside. The cap is interesting, it looks like it’s made from bamboo or something and it’s pretty good in showing what color it is on the front and along the side of the tube. On the back it lists that it is 12 hour makeup and it’s oil free, both two important facts.

It is full coverage and I rarely need more than one layer. It reminds me of a magic eraser the way it is able to get rid of anything in a single swipe. It’s very thick, but blends out smoothly. You will not need a lot of this at all to get the job done. A big plus for this foundation is  that there are so many shades available and it has an SPF of 15.

  • Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation:

Going from the outside again, it has an ombre gold to purple or purple to gold top (depending on how you look at it) which really catches your eye. If you don’t know anything about this foundation and just pick it up you might push on the top, but it’s actually a dropper once you unscrew it from the bottle. The entire bottle is see through so it’s even easier to identify colors. On the back it just says “shake well”, it also is a 12 hour foundation, just not oil free.

Rainforest of the Sea is also full coverage, although I find it to be much lighter. Compared to the Amazonian Clay foundation I have to use a lot more. I’d say 2-3 layers compared to the 1 for Amazonian Clay. I’m not the biggest fan of the dropper even though you can control the amount coming out you are constantly opening and closing the bottle which lets air/dust in and gets messy around the edges. A big downside for this foundation is the limited shades. I’m not really sure what they were thinking with that, I mean you have a great product, why not make it available to everyone? Before you get too upset, I’m betting since it has caused such an uproar they will correct it soon.


Looking at it this way both foundations are :

  • Full Coverage
  • 12 hour
  • Include SPF 15
  • $39.00 USD

What makes these two different are the consistencies and coverage.


Amazonian Clay sometimes reminds me of a whipped foundation, it’s light, but also thick. It leaves a somewhat matte finish. It’s pretty much good for all skin types, but I’d use this over the other for someone with oilier skin.

Rainforest of the Sea is dewy. It feels more like a skin treatment than a foundation when you apply it, extremely hydrating (it’s made up of 20% water.) Looking at it consistency-wise it’s a little heavier than something you might water paint with. This would be best for people with drier skin or who love that glowing, fresh and almost wet looking skin.

For the amount of foundation you use and the coverage you get you cannot beat the Amazonian Clay Foundation. Personally at this moment despite what I just said, I prefer Rainforest of the Sea Foundation. It’s really well matched for my skin, which tends to be on the drier side. Even though I have to use more, I find it looks incredibly smooth and I love the feeling of it, and really that’s the only thing that makes me lean more to one side.


All I can say is, it’s a very close match.