Making Your Routine More Convenient

Just because you’ve done something a certain way for a long time doesn’t mean there isn’t another better or more convenient way. Things take up a lot of time, especially beauty-related things. 20 minutes to curl your hair, 30 minutes to take off, reapply and let nail polish dry. Before longtime is being sacrificed from other places such as your sleep schedule, leading you to do spend more time on your makeup the following morning. If there are short-cuts I try to find them,

Get on a shaving schedule. The first one is kind of out there, but for me I find it to be a timesaver. What does everyone complain about shaving? That it’s a chore! I divide my legs in half and shave the lower halves one day, the following, the upper. The best part is each time it takes half the time and you’ll always have smooth legs. Of course this is not just limited to legs. Putting things on a rotating schedule allows things not to build up making whatever you more appealing.

Let your hair air-dry as much as possible. This keeps you mobile and shortens the amount of time required to blow-dry it .

Use products that give you more bang for your buck. If you are really pressed for time and need to look ready quickly have the products on hand that’ll take you the furthest. It’s nice to spend time perfecting a 15-step full makeup application, but I know for myself a darker lip color with mascara will take me pretty far and that’s only 2 steps. Maybe for you it’s making sure your brows are filled in, covering up your dark circles and using highlighter.

Similarly, lately I’ve been choosing balms and thick creams for my body as opposed to lotion because it only takes a dab and you might be able to go longer without reapplying.

Lay out your clothes out the night before. This is cheesy…that’s what I always thought. I’d imagine all the goody two-shoes of the world would do this before they go to sleep. I never used to lay out my clothes the night before, and I still don’t every night, but if I think of it, it does make a difference. How many times do you have to play the game of looking in your closet/dresser, closing it, looking again, then searching through the laundry to see what’s been washed and dried. Apparently my capacity for that is endless, but I suggest we both move out of that phase and take the guessing out of the mornings.

Go through what you own. Less equals easier. It seems like when you are aiming for convenience or quickness you’ll grab everything that you don’t want. It’s never the first eyeliner you pull or the boots on the top of the pile aren’t the ones that are comfortable enough to spend the day in. If you sort out what you actually use and like you’ll find things becoming easier.



If you have any tips, feel free to share!




Eco-Friendly Beauty Tips

I recently finished a Bio of Environmental Concerns class in school, among many other things during the class we discussed how much waste is produced, the quality of products, how all of it is disposed of and how it impacts the environment. Of course everything needs to be done on a very large scale for it to make a real difference, but there are things we can do even during our beauty routine that can help out. A lot of these options have other benefits as well, such as saving money, time and effort.

Air-drying hair– Most of the time I air-dry my hair anyway because blow-drying my hair is time consuming and not that fun. It’s easier I find to just let it dry on its own, especially now that it’s summer it is is easy to brush out your hair and let the sun hit it.

Using everything to completion– Scrape the bottom, cut the container, use every last drop. Don’t throw things away that have product left. If you aren’t crazy about what you’re using and are tempted to throw it out offer it to someone else or sell it.

Taking shorter showers– This one is the least appealing, I know. Sometimes it is nice to take a long shower, but it’s all water being used. I found out that we are consuming water 50% faster than what can be replaced. Most of the time we just stand under the water, the actual time that it takes to shampoo/shave/wash etc. is relatively short. It’s nice to know also that your skin won’t be as dry.

Making it yourself– DIY is great because you’re using things you already have, most of which are natural ingredients.

Buying palettes vs individual packages– The palettes that allow you to switch out products are especially good. Rather than buying something with extra packaging get it down to the bare-bones and have the palette. In the end it is more economical plus you’ll have everything in one spot. Reusable packages, palettes, containers are what we are looking for.

Passing on the wipes- On a field trip to a sewage plant (yes it was as gross as one would imagine)  I was told that wipes never break down. They might say they are recyclable, but apparently none of them really do what they are supposed to do. Now, this was referring to baby wipes, but I would make the assumption that none of the wipes are good.

Thanks to that class I am almost hyperaware of what is going on all around us, however it is nice to be able to identify opportunities where I can do things differently. Most of it is really small and accessible to anyone.